It is important to take advantage of the experience of former workers

Florida, Feb 2.- The aging population that the country is experiencing has a direct impact on the gradual decrease in the labor force necessary to guarantee the production of goods and services that society demands, based on the drop in indicators such as the birth rate and the growth of the migration of a considerable volume of young people of working age.

Successfully assuming and assimilating this reality requires implementing and complying, to the letter, with a government policy aimed at increasing and promoting human reproduction naturally or assisted, and, at the same time, creating favorable conditions in search of extending life. useful and the permanence of people in their job, in a satisfactory and productive manner.

It is the responsibility of the administrations and unions of the different sectors to evaluate and recognize in a timely manner the contribution and responsibility of those who remain in their job for years, even after reaching retirement age, and those who are aware of the current situation of the country rejoin and contribute with their effort to production and services.

Doing so, today more than ever, cannot be seen as a favor, as an indulgence, or as a way of complying with an imposition from above; working, despite the years, becomes an imperative mission when there is a lack of hands in the sowing of food, in manufacturing processes and in other essential work spaces for the economic and social development of the nation.

Harnessing the full wealth of veterans’ wealth of experience, responsibility, practical intelligence and sense of belonging, and ensuring that they stay in their jobs as long as their health and ability to contribute can be doubly beneficial when placed with willing young people. to drink the wisdom of daily learning and the values of industriousness, commitment and responsibility that emanate, almost always, from the example of the oldest.


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