Florida hosts provincial celebration for the day of the Art Instructor

Florida, Feb 4.- An extensive program of activities will be carried out by José Martí Art Instructors Brigade of the municipality of Florida, regarding the national day scheduled until February 18, the date on which the birth of Olga Alonso, a distinguished figure, is commemorated of these professionals dedicated to promoting the aesthetic taste of the population.

Regarding the performance of José Martí brigade during the last year and to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the National System of Houses of Culture, the municipality of Florida deserved the venue for the provincial act for the date, which will take place on February 17 at the Cinema Theater Aurora of the city.

Throughout the month of February, special morning student groups will hold experience exchange workshops, training on working in social networks with the collaboration of the Union of computer engineer of Cuba, among other initiatives aimed at self-improvement and professional growth. of the local brigade members.

Art instructors from the municipality of Florida develop a program of activities aimed at celebrating their day on February 18, and they will be recognized for their performance during the past year, with the celebration in the territory of the provincial act for the anniversary.


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