Faced with cultural colonization, it is urgent to improve the teaching of history

Florida, Feb 7.- The teaching of history from the municipal to the national level must be promoted much more in each territory of Cuba, in the face of media manipulation and the hegemonic policies of the US empire and other Western powers, which seek a global order also in the field of culture.

In these times it is necessary to promote knowledge through local history in schools and communities, so that more and more people can identify their frequent surroundings are the traditions, symbols, customs and values that identify them as Floridians, Camagüeyans and Cubans.Every moment of exchange with citizens and cultural and recreational activity in the neighborhood should be an opportunity to review or commemorate events or facts of people related to the origin and development of the community, territory or country, which would contribute to promoting From the local, knowledge through history.In Florida, it is also necessary to ensure the conservation and beautification of historical monuments and sites, in addition to assisting and making more known those combatants, intellectuals, artists, workers, peasants and all the people who, due to their career, work, contribution to society and human values, are symbols of the municipality and valuable examples for the new generations.


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