A new secretary of the Municipal Party Committee in Florida was elected(+Post)

Florida, Feb 11.- The highest leadership body of the Communist Party of Cuba in the municipality of Florida met this Saturday in an extraordinary session chaired by the member of the Central Committee and First Secretary of the organization in the province of Camagüey, Federico Hernández Hernández , with the aim of addressing the cadre movement and politics as the only topic on its agenda.

As a result of the analysis, and at the proposal of the Provincial Bureau, the highest body of the political leadership of the territory agreed to release comrade José Antonio Ballate González from his functions, who for the last five years assumed the position of first secretary of the Party.

To occupy this responsibility, from now on, the plenary session of the Municipal Party Committee in Florida approved the proposal of comrade Liliana Boudet Nápoles, with a career of more than 26 years of experience at different levels of leadership in the youth and partisan organization.

Boudet Nápoles thus becomes the first woman to hold that high position in Florida, and before that she fulfilled tasks as a member of the Party Bureau in the municipality of Camagüey.

The Plenary recognized the exemplary trajectory, revolutionary commitment and daily dedication of comrade José Antonio Ballate González, who will be assigned new responsibilities in the provincial structure of the Party leadership.


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