New day of health promotion in Floridian communities

Florida, March 1.- Health activists and a representation of professionals from the provincial capital city developed a day of preventive activities in constituency 73 of the Argentine Popular Council of the municipality of Florida.

Among the health promotion and prevention actions were the execution of rapid tests to detect HIV-AIDS, an intensive self-focused treatment in the community and the dermatological service provided to the inhabitants of the place.

The commercialization of bottles of natural and traditional medicine and the distribution of rodenticide poison, as well as the delivery of educational materials, are included among the actions carried out during the day.

Yanet Ramírez Hernández, a specialist in Health Promotion in the municipality, reported that a similar day of preventive activities has already taken place in the coastal community of Playa Florida and will reach the residents of the Rolando Valdivia People’s Council on Saturday, March 4.


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