Food sovereignty policy in the educational sector is analyzed in Florida (+Post)

Florida, Mar 20.- At the El Ocuje farm, belonging to the Antonio Maceo Basic Secondary School, the balance of the Food Sovereignty Policy in the educational sector was developed, chaired by Marilyn Becerra Fernández, deputy director of the Economic Department of the Municipal Directorate of Education in Florida.

Through a brief tour of the planted areas, those attending the activity verified the productive advances on the farm, where with the help of students and teachers, root vegetables, vegetables, fruit trees, fresh condiments and medicinal plants are grown for sale to workers. care for students who need it, and improve the quality of food offered in the center’s canteen.

The participants in that meeting exchanged criteria on the initiatives to be implemented in order to obtain effective results and increase self-sufficiency in school canteens in the territory, despite the drought and economic problems.

Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to define their own policies and sustainable strategies for the production, distribution and consumption of food based on small and medium productive areas, and the El Ocuje farm of the Antonio Maceo Basic Secondary School in Florida is an example of this purpose.


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