Vote for all, decision of a Floridian benefited by Social Assistance

Florida, March 22.- “Next Sunday I’m going to vote, and I’m going to vote for everyone.” This was stated verbatim by a Floridian resident in the popular council of Las Parras in the municipality of Florida, covered by the Prevention and Social Assistance System for more than five years.

With a mixture of firmness and gratitude in her eyes, the protagonist of this information asked not to divulge her name or the vulnerabilities that still surround her family, convinced that work is being done with a view to gradually removing them from such condition.

«I don’t want my name to be published out of shame or fear, -she said -but because we are millions of beneficiaries of this beautiful Revolution that works miracles so as not to leave anyone helpless; and that is why they can count on me to gather the united vote on the 26th; to continue with Fidel, with Raúl and Díaz-Canel, and to shout Patria o Muerte wherever it is”.

This Floridian and her close relatives are part of the 1,295 families in the municipality protected by the different regimes and benefits of Assistance and Social Security, a conquest of Cuban humanism that deals and is concerned here, in the same way, with the improvements of the habitat and quality of life of some 250 mothers with three children and more, and of 1,700 people with disabilities.

Undoubtedly, only in Cuban socialism: where the supreme objective will always be to recover the economy and move forward, as José Martí dreamed, “With everyone and for the good of all”. Better, it is Possible.


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