Florida peasant entities receive Agroecological Sites status (+Post)

Florida, March 30.- The Patio de Excelencia El Madero, owned by producer Julio Cesar Madera Miranda and the farms La Yutong, owned by Danilo Marrero Mesa and La Yagruma, owned by Flor Adela Fernández González, received the status of Agroecological Sites in the municipality of Florida , granted by the highest management of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP).

Linked to the Frank País García Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), the aforementioned agricultural work spaces stand out for the systematic use of sustainable and environmentally friendly productive practices, including the use of organic fertilizers and fertilizers, the protection of soils and the control of pests and diseases in crops through biological means.

It is worth highlighting, among other values of the peasants and recognized places, the high sense of belonging, the productivity and culture of the land, and the responsibility in providing food for the people.

The delivery of the condition of National Agroecological Farms to the aforementioned plantations of root vegetables, vegetables and fruit trees in this territory was led by Regla Frómeta Rivera, president of the ANAP in the province of Camagüey, along with other leaders of the organization in said instance and the municipality itself.

According to statements by the highest representative body of the local peasantry, the certificate of leadership in agroecological production, granted by the ANAP National Bureau, will also be delivered to the prominent Floridian farmer Leonardo Tena Barreras, an associate at the CCS Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán.


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