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Miguel Barrueto Arce: Culture based on Three (+ Multimedia)

Florida, Oct 20.- When the History of Culture in Florida is written, there is a name that cannot be missed, Miguel Barrueto Arce, a simple man, jaranero, composer and who has made it clear that Tres is more than a musical instrument. symbol.

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Florida bakers support families isolated by COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 27.- The workers of the La Luz candy store, belonging to the Food Company of the Florida municipality, made more than 40 thousand sweets in the past days of September, products that the Commerce and Gastronomy company commercialized in the areas where isolated families with positive cases for COVID-19 remained.

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Promoting Local Development projects and exportable items will promote greater social welfare (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 8.- The crisis of raw materials and supplies generated by the incidence of COVID-19 and the intensification of the blockade against Cuba demand in the municipality of Florida, in addition to greater diligence, a much more creative and agile administrative management to maximize endogenous resources in order to boost the local economy, which is the same as working for greater social well-being.

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Confidence in the vaccination against Covid-19 in the poetry of Florida poets (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 22 – Vaccine candidate Abdala arrives for seniors as lifesaving relief amid so much pain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ignacio Agramonte refinery has enough processed sugar to fulfill state order

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Global solidarity and shared responsibility for World Day to Combat HIV / AIDS

Florida, Dec 1.- This December 1st, when the World Day to Fight HIV / AIDS is celebrated, under the motto of “global solidarity, shared responsibility”, the commemoration will be marked by the new coronavirus pandemic, but to Despite the challenges imposed by it, the country continues the fight against STIs and HIV / AIDS. Continue reading

Receives Guabay Pioneer Explorers Camp Youth for Life Distinction

Florida, Nov. 3 – The Guabay Pioneer Explorers camp in the municipality of Florida received the Youth for Life Distinction awarded for the only time by the National Committee of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) to institutions and outstanding individuals in the confrontation with the COVID 19. Continue reading

In Florida we also celebrate Sugar Worker’s Day

Florida, Oct 13. – This October 13 is the day of those who work in the sugar sector, and it is celebrated in difficult conditions with the tightening of the economic blockade by the current Yankee administration, in a context in which the effects caused by the pandemic and internal difficulties encourage the current deterioration. Continue reading

Cuban Caricaturist Wins Award in Canada

Cuban Caricaturist Wins Award in Canada

Cuba, May 23 – Cuban cartoonist Alfredo Martirena said that ‘ a good journalist prefers to save his news better than his own life’  so does he with his work, and won the Award to Excellency at the Caricature Contest on Freedom of the Press in Canada.

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Quality of the service distinguishes to Ciego de Avila´s establishment in municipality of Florida

 Quality of the service distinguishes to Ciego de Avila´s establishment in municipality of Florida

Quality of the service distinguishes to Ciego de Avila´s establishment in municipality of Florida

Florida, Jul 20 – The Fruti-Florida is between the commercial units of major acceptance in this municipality, due to the expense of canned products and in bulk that divide equally about 22 choices in the week. Continue reading