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Election authorities active in Florida constituencies

Florida, Jan 5.- The electoral authorities of the 80 constituencies of Florida remain active to ensure and conduct in this 2023 the process of elections for Deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power, votes scheduled to take place on March 25 throughout Cuba .

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Florida Microbiology Laboratory active in the fight against Dengue

Florida, Jul 30.- The group of the Microbiology Laboratory in the municipality of Florida works systematically with the samples collected in the territory, to detect people positive for being infected with Dengue.

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Florida Education Sector Active in Disaster Risk Prevention

Florida, May 19.- During the Disaster Risk Reduction Week, the educational sector of the municipality of Florida organized an action plan involving workers and students with the intention of preparing for the occurrence of weather and other events.

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All anticovid-19 epidemiological measures are active in Florida

Florida, March 26.- “The Public Health system in the municipality does not neglect the battle against COVID-19, and together with the members of the Temporary Group for the prevention and confrontation of the pandemic, they carry out the pertinent technical-epidemiological analyzes in seeks to minimize its impact on the population of the municipality.

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Active Florida health inspectors in the face of COVID-19 outbreak

Florida, Jan 7 – The Florida State Sanitary Inspection department activated its rapid response team for the care of patients suspected of COVID-19, due to the rise of the pandemic in the territory.

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Esperanza Carreño Álvarez, an active Floridian federated (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 12.- Esperanza Carreño Álvarez is a founder of the Federation of Cuban Women. She is an active woman who, from her patio planted with medicinal plants, collaborates with the Family Physician in her office in health investigations and other vital tasks for her community.

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Work is done in Florida for a more active and participatory aging (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 1st.- Guaranteeing the well-being of the elderly is included among the priorities of the Cuban government and in this sense it works in a multisectoral manner to guarantee quality of life from various programs and make much more pleasant the existence of people who live with 60 years and more in our country.

he subject is the report of the journalist Marisol León Álvarez for the news programming of Radio Florida.

Young Floridians Active in Food Production (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 21.- Food production constitutes one of the main tasks assumed by young Floridians in this post-COVID-19 recovery stage. Ailen Vargas Abella, a journalist for Radio Florida, dedicates his report to the subject.