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Repair and maintenance of educational institutions advance in Florida

Florida, Oct 3.- In four educational institutions of the municipality of Florida, the repair and maintenance actions planned for the current period have been completed to date, which were carried out by the workers of the Education Supply and Services Company (EPASE).

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Floridian farmers determined to advance food production

Florida, Aug 29.- In the midst of current limitations, the majority of farmers in the municipality of Florida continue to show that it is possible to advance in food production, based on seeking and finding alternatives to economic difficulties and the lack of resources.

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It is urgent to advance in the ordering Task in the agro-productive sphere.

Florida, Mar 12.- Undoubtedly, there is still much to do and explain on the subject related to the implementation of the Ordinance Task in business entities, particularly in those belonging to the agriculture sector and the sugar cane field. Continue reading