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Computerization process in Florida Property Registry advances (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 31.- In accordance with the Computerization Policy of Cuban society, since 2015 the Ministry of Justice has been working on improving its registry and notarial activity, with the aim of raising the quality of services to the population.

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Balancing process advances in rural entities of Florida

Florida, Oct 14.- The peasant sector of the municipality of Florida advances in the Process of Balance, Renewal and/or Ratification of the mandate of its boards of directors as part of the national program promoted here by the municipal directorate of Agriculture and planned to be developed in all cooperatives in the agricultural branch.

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Advances in Florida booster vaccination with a dose of Soberana Plus

Florida, Aug 19.- Starting this Monday, August 15, the vaccination campaign began in the municipality of Florida with a booster dose of Soberana Plus for children between two and 11 years of age, with the intention of preventing contagion with COVID-19 in these infants.

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Florida advances in the implementation of measures to promote agricultural production

Florida, Jan 20.- The municipality of Florida advances in the implementation of the 63 measures arranged by the Cuban government to stimulate agricultural production and recognize those who excel in the implementation of the Food Program in each place.

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Advances in Community Work is recognized in Florida´s District (+ Post)

Florida, Jan 18.- “We have a strength, a reason, a dignity, which is the people.” With that phrase of the President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez began a new edition of the Integrated Community Work We Are Continuity in the District 81 of the People’s Council of Argentina, in the municipality of Florida.

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Team of la Unidad Moronta from Florida advances and goes for more (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 23.- Pedro Martín Navarro is the director of the Moronta Unit belonging to the Self-consumption of Otero Rice, with various assignments, among which are the planting of fruit trees and various crops, the raising of pigs and the slaughter of cattle.

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Refining production advances amid difficulties

Florida, July 31.- The Ignacio Agramonte plant refinery, in the Florida municipality, has produced some 13 thousand tons of food to date, in a campaign that is very difficult due to the systematic lack of fuel and the effects of outbreaks of COVID-19 reported in their labor collective.

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Solidarity campaign to send syringes to Cuba advances in Mexico

Mexico, May 28.- The José Martí Association of Cuban Residents in Mexico and the Mexican Movement of Solidarity with Cuba are very close to meeting their goal of sending syringes to the island.

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Construction process of La Reina minindustria advances (+ Photos)

Florida, May 26.- The assembly of the La Reina Minindustria is progressing in its first stage and some of its equipment is being tested these days with the processing of mangoes to obtain the pulp of that fruit, which will be one of the lines production of the unit under construction as part of a local Development Project in the municipality of Florida.

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Computerization of the services of the Ministry of Justice advances (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 16.- The Ministry of Justice is one of the advanced sectors in Cuban society and has a robust internal system for sending and receiving information that allows maintaining the reliability and security of the data.

This includes applications for mobile phones, a topic that journalist Ailen Vargas Abella addresses in the following comment.