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CIMEX workers and Tiendas Caribe support fight against coleros and resellers (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 6.- The current fight that is taking place throughout the country against coleros, hoarders and resellers will have in Florida the Currency Collection Stores (TRD) as one of the main action scenarios to guarantee order and avoid the resale issue and exploitation of the majority. This is reported by executives from the branch of the CIMEX and Caribe chain stores in the municipality, in the following report that Yunier Soler Castellanos presented to the Radio Florida news program.

Against Covid as the Musketeers

Florida, Jul 29.- Amazement in many, concern in others, alarm in some cases and renewal of protection and prevention measures in certain groups of people was the first impact of the information known about 37 new cases of contagion by COVID- 19 offered by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health this Monday. Continue reading

Luis Javier Espinosa: proud to be Cuban (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 1 – Art instructor Luis Javier Espinosa is one of the young Floridians who joined one of the isolation centers set up in the municipality, as part of the fight against COVID-19. His experiences in this important task are related in the following interview that collaborator Luis Ortiz Chaviano presented to the Radio Florida news program.

This fight belongs to everyone and for the good of all (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 19.- Among the many Floridians who contributed to the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic from their job, it is necessary to highlight the role of a considerable group of workers and entities from the non-state sector that despite the threat of the new coronavirus they decided to keep on offering services to the population. Continue reading

Floridian microbiologists: “fear is felt, but we knew it was important” (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 5.- Mayra Acosta Álvarez and Caridad Villalonga, are two of the Microbiologists from the municipality of Florida who from the first moments joined the fight against COVID-19, examining suspected patients who were held in isolation centers . They discuss their experiences in the following report by Mayelín Baryolo Rodríguez, a journalist for Radio Florida

Using the Virtual Researcher will help win the battle against COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, May 19.- The Virtual Pequisador is one of the tools designed to increase epidemiological surveillance and timely attention to the population in times of COVID-19. Unfortunately in Florida, the use of the digital application is not widespread and this prevents the collection of necessary information from Public Health professionals. Continue reading

Floridian youth active in health research (+ Audio)

Florida, May 6.- Fidel’s eternal trust in young people is verified and multiplied once again these days in this same municipality when we see dozens of students and stomatology immersed in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. Day after day these boys pass through neighborhoods and communities in the territory, house to house, in an investigation that defends the lives of thousands of people.

Jairon Pérez Fernández, a fourth year medical student, comments on his experiences in an interview with the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera of Radio Florida.

This May 1st educators present in the battle against COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 25.- The first of May this year will be an atypical day due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Floridian educators will be present as always in order to support the tasks directed by the Government and the Cuban State to avoid the spread of the virus. This was expressed by Oscar Perdomo Díaz, Director of the José Martí Urban Basic Secondary School in the city of Florida, in an interview with the journalist Marisol León Álvarez.

Virtual researcher: reporting early helps epidemiological surveillance

Florida, Apr 22.- The epidemiological control in Cuba against Covid19 adds a new way of communication with the people; The mobile application, Pesquisador Virtual, gives people the opportunity to report symptoms, if they had contact with a confirmed case and their chronic conditions. Continue reading

Florida nurses, a fortress against coronavirus (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 18.- Nursing specialists are a strength in the fight against the new coronavirus pandemic, with their actions in conducting research and patient care in family doctor’s offices, they help prevent this disease, a task that demands the support of the population.