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Meeting of Organic and sustainable agriculture in Florida

Meeting of Organic and sustainable agriculture in Florida

Meeting of Organic and sustainable agriculture in Florida

Written by: Maribella Navarro Cardoso

Florida, jan 24-.Florida´s  Municipal University welcomed the 10th edition of  the meeting of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, sponsored by the cuban Association of  Farming and  Forest Technicians and as part of the integrated movement of technicians, producers, teachers and researchers. Continue reading

Cuba to Discuss Efficient Agricultural Irrigation

riego-agua-agriculturaHavana, Oct 9 – Efficient water use in agricultural irrigation is one of the main issues to be discussed at a scientific meeting scheduled to be held here from October 15 to 17, according to an official source. Continue reading

Improve food production, urgent task for Florida’s Farmers

By Pedro Pablo Sáez

Florida, June 13. – To achieve better results in the production and stockpiling of food. To speed up the production capacity of more than 3700 farmers benefited by Decree Law 259, are one of the main challenges of agriculture in Florida.

The real possibility of increasing the efficiency at each milking and fulfill the plan of selling milk to the industry, prepare land, planting and harvesting on time are subjects in which the municipality is bound to get better grades in search of satisfying the demand of the people. Continue reading

Sugarcane Planting in Florida Gains Prominence

By Humberto Guevara

Florida, June 12. – In the municipality of Florida, sugar cane planting activities gain prominence and effectiveness. During the last days significant volumes have been planted in the agricultural system of the mills Argentina and Ignacio Agramonte thanks to the decision of local administration to integrate all state workers and efforts to this task.

As a result of this contribution Argentina mill has reached figures over the 20 planted hectares and at times up to 35, which are close to the needs to total the plan designed for the campaign. Continue reading

More than Five Hundred Women Benefiting from the Decree Law 259

Florida, March 9. – More than 500 women in the municipality of Florida so far have received different amounts of idle land, which they intend to take advantage of in the benefit of the family and the local economy.

These women also were inserted in the marabou clearing and the preparation of land for major and minor livestock, planting various crops, the promotion of sugar cane plantations and other agricultural activities.

Women benefited here by Decree Law 259 account for 20 percent of those receiving idle plots in response to the demand to produce everything to strengthen the nation’s food independence.

New Visit to Florida of the National Group of Urban Agriculture

Florida, February 28. – The visit number 56 and first of this year by National Group of Urban and Suburban Agriculture came to Florida for two days in order to check on food production, which includes popular participation along with established producers.

During the first part of the journey the inspection came to many agricultural facilities, farms and other areas included in more than 27 sub-programs of this type of agriculture represented in the region as well as to health, educational and military centers which are prioritized for the consumption of vegetables.

The second day was devoted to the presentation of local development project for suburban agriculture, the same day took place an Expoferia on livestock with a prominent participation of the Agriculture Interest Club composed of Hihg School students, also took place a lecture on the importance of planting animal feed and the efficient use of pastures and fodder for that purpose.

The inspection visit of the National Urban Agriculture in the municipality of Florida also went over to the Green Medicine Pharmacy, several gardens and agricultural agencies and marketers of the Constituency of La Vallita.

Cane Producers From Argentina Sugar Company Surpass Planting Program

Florida, December 28 – The sugarcane producers belonging to Argentina Sugar Company completed in December the planting of 45 hectares committed for the month and with this they surpass the amount programmed to the entity for this year. Continue reading

Growing Incorporation of Women into Agricultural Cooperatives in Florida

Florida, December 07 – Some 17 agricultural cooperatives in Florida already have in their associated payroll the 23 women requested in the agreements of the 10th Congress of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) as the average figure for this rural bases. Continue reading