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Florida Urban Farm Committed to Increase Food Production

Florida, Jan 9.- Urban, suburban and family agriculture constitutes one of the ways to multiply food production in Florida and also has the transcendental mission of contributing to the decrease in the prices of agricultural products, from the increase planting and harvesting of root vegetables, vegetables, fresh condiments and medicinal plants, and respect for what is established in the regulations for agricultural marketing.

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Deficiencies recognized in Urban Agriculture programs in Florida

Florida, Apr 21.- The technical deficiencies in the cultivation of vegetables and fresh condiments in the organoponics of the municipality of Florida conditioned the evaluation of Regular granted to the territory by the National Group of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture, after concluding two days of control on the operation of this alternative of planting and harvesting food.

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Florida authorities evaluate the progress of sugarcane agriculture (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 7.- The progress of the cane cuts and the deficiencies that prevent the fulfillment of the daily task, together with the attention to the workers as a basic element for the development of the current dispute, focused the interest of the main authorities of the Communist Party and the Government in the municipality that were visited by various platoons and entities responsible for promoting the sugar harvest in areas of the Argentine sugar agro-industrial company.

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Patio El Madero: obligatory reference for the followers of Urban Agriculture

Florida, Jan 29.- With more than 20 years of existence, the El Madero production yard, in the municipality of Florida, remains one of the most outstanding horticultural sites in the municipality where its creator Julio Madera Miranda never tires of tilling the land despite the years he carries on his back.

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Florida seed store contributes to the promotion of popular agriculture (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 24.- The COVID-19 pandemic imposes fundamental tasks that they cannot stop facing and one of them is the production of food in any of the spaces and through the systems that are established in the territory: one of they are traditional and popular agriculture.

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New measures show that the government thinks well in agriculture (+ Audio)

Florida, March 29.- My friends now the words of José Martí come to mind when in one of his articles published in Guatemala when commenting on the actions of the government in that nation, he said: “The country has the firm decision to advance, he is on the right track, he thinks as much about agriculture as he is about politics ”. Continue reading

Task Ordering in Agriculture requires greater attachment to the land (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 9.- Florida agriculture requires a minimum of resources to achieve the objective of feeding the people, but more than that it demands organization and control of everything that is done on the land, greater capacity and dedication of the managers in the corresponding mission and eliminate vices such as the constant justification of non-compliance without looking for possible alternatives, or the diversion of crops and other lines that should increase the supply in state markets. Continue reading

UBPC Las Martinas adds Urban Agriculture and Livestock to its productive work (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 12.- In Camagüey there are plenty of examples to show that producing food depends on the will of the people rather than the existence of resources.

An example of this is in the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Las Martinas, of the agro-sugar system of the municipality of Florida, an entity that, after going through a period of inefficiency in its productive work, adopted strategies that allowed to reverse this panorama, as reflected the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera in the report he presented to the Radio Florida news program.

Meeting of Organic and sustainable agriculture in Florida

Meeting of Organic and sustainable agriculture in Florida

Meeting of Organic and sustainable agriculture in Florida

Written by: Maribella Navarro Cardoso

Florida, jan 24-.Florida´s  Municipal University welcomed the 10th edition of  the meeting of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture, sponsored by the cuban Association of  Farming and  Forest Technicians and as part of the integrated movement of technicians, producers, teachers and researchers. Continue reading

Cuba to Discuss Efficient Agricultural Irrigation

riego-agua-agriculturaHavana, Oct 9 – Efficient water use in agricultural irrigation is one of the main issues to be discussed at a scientific meeting scheduled to be held here from October 15 to 17, according to an official source. Continue reading