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Department of Animal Health, decisive in local agricultural development

Florida, Feb 2.- The workers linked to the Department of Animal Health in the Municipal Delegation of Agriculture managed to overcome the difficulties and contribute to the increase in meat and milk production during the past year and in the current calendar they continue to focus on the implementation of the 63 measures approved in the country to improve the agricultural sector.

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Decree Law Number 31: the first is the protection of the animal mass (+ Audio)

Florida, June 11.- Decree Law Number 31 on Animal Welfare approved last April by the Council of Minister, which regulates principles, violations and sanctions to be applied to those who violate the provisions of that regulation, will come into force in the next days.

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Floridians called on to plant more protein plants for animal feed

Florida, Sep 28.- The sowing of sufficient protein plants to complement the feeding of livestock and fattening animals, is another of the challenges of agricultural activity in the municipality of Florida given the economic need to replace imports of feed and other inputs. Continue reading

Planting Protein Plants Will Secure Animal Feed Reserve In Florida

Florida, Jul 29.- The more than 40 agricultural entities of the municipality of Florida are called to fulfill the order to promote just over two caballerias of protein plants that guarantee the reserve of animal food, and the supply of green mass to the mini- industry where creole feed is made. Continue reading