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Celebrated in Florida 44th anniversary of the Association of the Blind

Florida, May 27.- The members of the National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (ANCI) celebrated on May 26 the 44th anniversary of its foundation in the municipality of Florida with a cultural activity at the Rubén Martínez Villena municipal library.

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Florida partisan leader congratulates the people for the proletarian anniversary

Florida, May 3.- Liliana Boudet Nápoles, the first secretary of the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba in the municipality of Florida, sent a message of recognition to Floridians on the occasion of the celebrations for May Day, International Day of workers.

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Florida educator Iris Wong Oliva was evoked (+ Audio)

Florida, April 25.- This April 25 marks a new anniversary of the death of Iris Wong Oliva, a prominent Florida educator who dedicated more than 40 years to the formation of new generations and the teaching of History.

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The Dairy youth Company organization was recognized in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, April 4.- The base committee of the Dairy Company of the municipality of Florida was recognized for its performance, with the purpose of celebrating the 61st anniversary of the Union of Young Communists (UJC) this April 4.

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Floridian journalists pay tribute to Martí and the newspaper Patria

Florida, Mar 9.- The base delegation of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) of the municipality of Florida deposited a wreath before the bust of José Martí in the city park that bears his name, as part of the activities organized for the Cuban Press Day, to be celebrated on March 14, on the anniversary of the publication of the first issue of the Patria Newspaper.

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Florida celebrates the 65th anniversary of the Youth and Adult Education Subsystem (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 24.- With the purpose of celebrating this February 24 the 65th anniversary of the creation of the Youth and Adult Education Subsystem, the workers of that level of education in Florida organized several activities with the participation of students who surpass themselves in these local institutions.

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Floridians celebrated the 84th anniversary of la Central de trabajadores de Cuba(+Post)

Florida, Jan 28.- The performance of the Pequeños Son group brought joy and color to the municipal act for the 84th anniversary of the founding of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) and the 170th anniversary of the birth of José Martí, an activity held at the stadium baseball player Ignacio Agramonte from Florida.

On this occasion, the headquarters was granted to an institution in the Sports sector for the outstanding union work carried out in that sector and the favorable results in the training of athletes during the year 2022, as well as the active participation of workers in the prioritized programs of the territory.

During the event, workers and outstanding work centers received recognition, including the Tania La Guerrillera elementary school, the Lope Recio Loinaz and José Martí secondary schools, as well as the municipal Education and Sports department.

For her part, representatives of the Union of Sugar Workers honored Eufemia Torres Piñeiro, for the delivery and dedication that she, as a union leader, displayed for five years in the Argentine sugar agro-industrial company.

Before concluding the municipal act for the 84th Anniversary of the creation of the CTC and the 170th of the birth of José Martí, representatives of the leadership of the Union of Young Communists in Florida recognized the work carried out by the union movement in the territory.

Rumba Laroye, 10 years in defense of Afro-Cuban traditions

Florida, Jan 7.- The folkloric group RumbaLaroye from the municipality of Florida, reached its tenth anniversary on January 6 and to celebrate it they will develop a program of activities that will last until next Tuesday the 17th.

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I am flattered by this recognition(+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 12.- This is how Enrique García González, producer of sounds for the local station, expressed one of the personalities to whom the local Culture Week is dedicated, an event that runs until December 15, the 98th anniversary of the declaration of the municipality of Florida.

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Floridians will pay tributes to those who gave their lives in Operation Carlota (+Post)

Florida, Dec 7.- The Floridian people pay tribute to the combatants who fell on African lands, as part of the commemoration of the 126th anniversaries of the fall in combat of General Antonio Maceo and the 33rd anniversary of Operation Tribute.

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