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Election authorities active in Florida constituencies

Florida, Jan 5.- The electoral authorities of the 80 constituencies of Florida remain active to ensure and conduct in this 2023 the process of elections for Deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power, votes scheduled to take place on March 25 throughout Cuba .

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Authorities in Florida call to intensify the confrontation with the Aedes aegypti mosquito

Florida, Sep 27.- The authorities of the Public Health system in the municipality of Florida called, once again, to intensify the missions to confront the Aedes aegypti mosquito in each neighborhood and community of the territory, taking into account the danger of this insect transmitter of dengue and other diseases.

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Health authorities ask for maximum support in the battle against Aedes aegypti

Florida, Aug 10.- Public Health authorities in the municipality of Florida called on the population of the territory to provide the maximum possible support in the joint battle against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, an insect of domestic customs and the only recognized route of transmission of the Dengue.

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The highest authorities in Florida meet with workers from the local press (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 22.- José Antonio Ballate González, main leader of the Communist Party of Cuba in Florida, toured the facilities of the local radio station to learn about the operation of this media outlet, which has a programming grid that covers every day the schedule from seven in the morning until 11 at night, with most of the programs of its own production.

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Florida authorities evaluate the progress of sugarcane agriculture (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 7.- The progress of the cane cuts and the deficiencies that prevent the fulfillment of the daily task, together with the attention to the workers as a basic element for the development of the current dispute, focused the interest of the main authorities of the Communist Party and the Government in the municipality that were visited by various platoons and entities responsible for promoting the sugar harvest in areas of the Argentine sugar agro-industrial company.

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Florida government authorities will extend mobility and service hours

Florida, Aug 3.- The Florida Municipal Government Temporary Group approves the reopening of some commercial areas, as well as the extension from this Monday of the hours of gastronomic services until four in the afternoon and the limitation of the movement of people in the The city is now established after five past meridian, to enhance the supply of food and provide the population with access to these and other goods.

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CDM authorities tour food production areas (+ Photos)

Florida, May 7.- José Antonio Ballate González and the Deputy Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, President and Vice-president of the Municipal Defense Council (CDM) in #Florida, # Camagüey #Cuba, travel this afternoon in areas where land is prepared for the food production as a guarantee of territorial self-sufficiency. Continue reading

Authorities of the municipality defense zone 06 of Conquista visit (+ Photos)

Florida, Apr 27.- José Antonio Ballate González and the Deputy Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, President and Vice-president of the Municipal Defense Council (CDM), respectively, exchanged with the members of zone 06 that encompasses the Popular Conquest Council, south of Florida city.
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Cuba: Significant Slave Uprising 19th Century Remembered

Matanzas, Nov 6 – Authorities, researchers, figures and residents of this western province of Matanzas marked today the 171st anniversary of the slaves” revolt occurred in the Triunvirato sugar mill. Continue reading