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Floridians called on to remain vigilant to avoid outbreaks of COVID-19

Florida, Apr 27.- “This is not the time to be overconfident, we must continue to be vigilant, concerned and busy in the face of COVID-19, always anticipating the resurgence of any strain capable of increasing mortality or lethality, currently reduced to a minimum as a result of the impact of Cuban vaccines and the confrontation strategy designed and applied by the Cuban Government and its Medical Assistance system.”

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Public Health in Florida Calls to avoid overconfidence in the face of Covid-19.

Florida, Feb 23.- Increasing individual and family responsibility and avoiding overconfidence in the face of the decrease in positive cases of Covid-19 was the call made by different authorities of the Public Health Sector in the municipality, who recommended to at the same time not to dismantle the main hygienic-sanitary protection measures against the spread of the dangerous disease.

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Schools in the rural sector ready to avoid transmission of COVID-19 (Audio)

Florida, Oct 29.- In rural areas of the Florida municipality, children also know the hygienic measures to be applied in schools as of November 2, to avoid the transmission of COVID-19. This is reflected in the report that the journalist Marisol León Álvarez presented to the newsroom of Radio Florida.


Floridians called on to avoid waste in energy consumption

Florida, Sep 8 – The rational use of electricity is a fundamental measure to protect the national economy and maintain this vital service in the homes of families and health and social institutions during the current contingency, aggravated by COVID-19 and the upsurge of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US government. Continue reading

Discipline and demand in educational settings to avoid epidemic outbreaks (+ Photos)

Florida, Sep 2 – The resumption of educational activities and the return of children to classrooms and sports facilities, pose a new social scenario under the threat of COVID-19, where citizen discipline and family responsibility must reach degrees superlatives to avoid regrowth. Continue reading