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Florida also demands to promote the sustainability of agricultural communities

Florida, Jan 16.- On behalf of the thousands of farmers and peasants in Florida, Misael Hernández Gutiérrez, the president of the Alberto Becerra Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), called for greater attention to be paid to rural settlements in the territory, taking Keep in mind that it is there where the fundamental resource for the agri-food development of the municipality resides.

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Florida needs more social work in vulnerable communities

Florida, Oct 25.- In vulnerable communities of the municipality of Florida, a greater educational and preventive action is demanded in the social sphere of the neighborhoods to promote with more popular force the profound transformations, also proposed in a Government Attention Program .

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The Day of Cuban Culture is celebrated in Florida with a variety of activities (+ Post)

Florida, Oct 12.- The centenary Municipal Concert Band of Florida interpreted the National Anthem of Cuba during the inauguration of the Day for Cuban Culture, after the placement of a floral offering on the bust of José Martí, by the instructors of art Mabis Casal and Arturo Nasco, leaders of the Little Son Musical-Theatrical Project.

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End of summer activities reach Floridian neighborhoods and communities (+Photos)

Florida, Sep 3.- Children, young people and the general population of the José Martí Popular Council in the municipality of Florida enjoyed activities full of joy, fun and music, with the presentation of the artists of Abriendo Brecha, an extension of the Sociocultural Project Provincial Blow by Blow.

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In rural communities of Florida celebrations for the Day of the World Proletariat (+ Posts)

Florida, Apr 19.- The Floridian labor movement held the first act for May 1 in the rural community of Algarrobo as part of the program of activities planned in greeting to the International Workers’ Day.

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Comprehensive care program for vulnerable neighborhoods and communities begins in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 20.- A new comprehensive care program for the most vulnerable neighborhoods and communities will be launched next year also in the municipality of Florida, as part of the government strategy that is being promoted throughout the country to improve the quality of life of the population in areas with the greatest number of needs.

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Sovereign Cuban vaccine 02 reaches Florida communities (+ Photos)

Florida, September 15 – This September 15, the rural popular council of Las Parras, in the Camagüey municipality of Florida, also began the process of applying the First dose of the Cuban Sovereign 02 vaccine against COVID-19 to minors between eleven and 18 years of age.

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Vaccinations are enabled in rural Florida communities

Florida, Jun 21.- In the areas belonging to the Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel popular council, five vaccinations were enabled for the health intervention process with the vaccine candidate Abdala, created by scientists from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

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Attention in rural communities increases in Florida

Florida, Apr 21.- Attention to rural communities in Florida remains active amid the social isolation strategy and other measures implemented by the Municipal Defense Council, with the purpose of preventing the risk of contagion from the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. Continue reading