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Florida Students and Parents Show Confidence in Pediatric Vaccination (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 6.- Floridian students in the 12th and third year of technical careers have already received the first dose of the Cuban vaccine Abdala. Satisfaction with the report of the journalist Marisol León Álvarez

Confidence in Abdala distinguishes second stage of community intervention in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 9.- Community organization and good medical procedure distinguished the second stage of community intervention with the Cuban vaccine Abdala in Office # 24 of the Rolando Valdivia popular council of the municipality of Florida, where residents showed satisfaction for receiving in your body the immunogen without showing adverse reactions.

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Task Ordering: support and confidence in the work of the Revolution (+ Audio)

Florida, March 15.- The government, together with the rest of the administrative structures of Florida, maintain a constant vigilance on the implementation of the Ordinance Task in each space of the territory, to guarantee that no one is left helpless. Continue reading

Orestes González: “This situation reaffirmed my confidence in Cuban health” (+ Audio)

Florida, May 28.- The presence of Covid 19 in a body is invisible to the eyes and that makes it more difficult to determine what physical contact that respiratory disease can transmit to us. This is demonstrated with the contagion of Floridian Orestes González Álvarez. More details in the following radio interview of the journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos