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EDITORIAL. A single Revolution and a single commitment, live and conquer (+ Audio)

This October 10, we Cubans celebrate together the 152nd anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the homeland and we do so once again united, aware of our destiny, faithful to the historical principles of the Revolution and with the flags of dignity, solidarity and brand-new socialism at the top of the Turkish peak.

The following editorial comment deals with the significance of this historical event.

“Children always conquer the hearts of peoples”

Florida, June 1st.- “And that’s what we should think about the most: the children of today, who are the people of tomorrow. They must be cared for and watched over as the pillars on which a truly beautiful and truly useful work is founded. ” This is how Commander Fidel Castro Ruz said when referring to children, a phrase that currently has full force in our country. Continue reading

Cubanacan Group Aims to Conquer Caribbean Tourism

Cubanacan Group Aims to Conquer Caribbean Tourism

Cubanacan Group Aims to Conquer Caribbean Tourism

Havana, Aug 10 – Cubanacan Group’s first vice president, Jorge Alberto Garcia, has stated today that his tourism company aims to become a significant reference for the travel industry in the Caribbean. Continue reading