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Family Planning Consultation paves the way in Florida

Florida, Apr 8.- Within the Maternal and Child Care Program in the municipality of Florida is the Family Planning Consultation that is offered at the South Concepción Agramonte Bousa polyclinic.

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Preparations for the March 26 elections are being evaluated in Florida (+Post)


Florida, Jan 26.- The electoral authorities of the municipality of Florida received a visit from Alexis Ramos, a member of the National Electoral Council, at their headquarters, who was informed about the progress of the development assurance actions on March 26 of the elections of Deputies to Parliament.

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Popular consultation of the Family Code project concluded in Florida

Florida, Apr 6.- With the development of all the meetings planned by the electoral authorities for the community analysis of the Family Code Project, the popular consultation process in the municipality of Florida concluded.

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At a good pace popular consultation on the Family Code Project (+Photos and Posts)

Florida, Feb. 15.- At the end of the second week of the popular consultation process on the Family Code Project in the municipality of Florida, a total of 57 constituency meetings had already been held, in accordance with the schedule provided by the authorities. of the Municipal Electoral Council.

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Florida is getting ready for popular consultation on the new family code (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 23.- In the municipality of Florida, a training program is already underway for electoral authorities and support groups that will organize and lead the popular consultation process on the new family code.

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the operation of the XISCOP Popular Consultation System is veryfied in Florida.

Florida, March 18.- The authorities and specialists of the IT department of the Florida Municipal Electoral Council are currently checking the operation of a new website for communication with higher levels and the dispatch of all the necessary information in real time. Continue reading