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Continuity of studies of students in grade 9 priority of the educational sector

Florida, Nov 11.- The process of continuity of studies of the 604 9th grade schoolchildren in the municipality of Florida is part of the priorities of the lower secondary education level when the school period resumes in person on Monday, November 15.

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Fidel Castro Ruz: the continuity of José Martí (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 13.- There are emotions that are too great, powerful to be told in words, there are moments when the whole soul turns to sadness for a moment.

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Teleclass programming encourages continuity of the Educational Teaching Process (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 17.- This week the transmission of teleclasses was restarted for the territories that, like Florida, fell back to the autochthonous transmission phase due to the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as explained these first days are for the exercise of knowledge. Continue reading

Give continuity to the Life Task: a priority in the municipality of Florida

Florida, Feb 26.- More than 40 actions were planned in Florida to give continuity in 2021 to the implementation of the Life Task in the municipal plan to confront climate change, with emphasis on the need to minimize environmental risks and revive the natural ecosystems. Continue reading

We Are Continuity Program shows its worth in Florida

Florida, Oct 23.- The possibility of establishing a direct exchange with the people and the mobilization in the same space of the local administrations to learn about the needs of the neighborhood and attend to them, validates the Community Work Program We Are Continuity in Florida, to starting from the solution with resources of aging problems and the improvement of services. Continue reading

Being Teachers, a vocation that distinguishes them (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 5 .- Training as teachers in various specialties is an option of continuity of study for adolescents who graduated from 9th grade and is also a future guarantee of teaching coverage for school institutions in the territory. Several students spoke with Marisol León Álvarez, a journalist from Radio Florida, about the motivations that induce them to train at the Nicolás Guillen Pedagogical School.