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Florida needs severity and discipline to avoid traffic accidents

Florida, Feb 4.- In the streets of the municipality of Florida, a greater perception of risk is needed on the part of the people and more control actions by the public order authorities, to avoid traffic accidents and their consequences for people’s lives and the economy.

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Control and supervision of the units of the Internal Commerce of Florida are finished (+ Photos)


Florida, Feb 3.- The Services, Infrastructure and Industry Commission of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida recently concluded the control and inspection of the Domestic Commerce units in this territory.

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Control, industriousness and business efficiency essential to achieve greater well-being in Florida (+Audio)

Florida, Jan 7.- In the municipality of Florida, in order to achieve greater social and economic well-being, it is essential to produce more, and at the same time eliminate illegalities and administrative insufficiencies that threaten citizen security, order, and the development of the territory.

Greater industry, business efficiency and much more state authority are needed to make the social justice of the Cuban revolution prevail, as the journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos points out in the following report.

Florida Awarded Good Rating in Urban Agriculture

Florida, Nov 28.- The National Group for Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture gave Florida the qualification of good for the integral work of the organopónicos of the territory, the main objective of the control developed here by the body in charge of promoting popular alternatives in the food production.

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Floridian population demands greater strength of state control mechanisms

Florida, Oct 21.- Strengthening state control mechanisms together with actions to curb the disproportionate increase in the prices of basic necessities, today constitutes the main claim of the resident population in the municipality of Florida.

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Government control ratifies Florida as a stagnant municipality (+ Audio and Post)

Florida, Oct 6.- The First Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party, Federico Hernández Hernández, and the Governor of Camagüey, Yoseily Góngora, led a comprehensive government control of Florida, where the different socioeconomic programs were checked and once again this municipality received Stagnant rating.

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National Verification of Internal Control began today in Floridian companies

Florida, Sep 20.- The XIV edition of the National Internal Control Verification exercise began this Monday in Florida municipality, with the aim of evaluating compliance with the measures approved to strengthen the management of the socialist state company, as part of the Guidelines of the Economic and Social Policy of the Communist Party and the Revolution.

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In Florida, the electoral districts of Argentina receive government control (+ Post)

Florida, Apr 11.- The work commissions of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida toured the electoral constituencies of the Argentine People’s Council to evaluate the functioning of the institutions and service establishments, and address the main concerns of the population in that wide residential area located north of the municipal seat.

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Activate vector control in the municipality of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 20.- The fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito did not stop for a single moment in the municipality of Florida, even in the midst of the crudest stage of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, and the workers of the anti-vector campaign They deserve the recognition of all the people together with the commitment to accompany them in a responsible way in their social mission.

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Florida municipality shows stability in pandemic control.

Florida, Dec 16 – Until the end of the previous week, the municipality of Florida considerably decreased the number of people infected by COVID-19 and consequently the incidence rate of active cases of the disease was reduced here.

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