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New day of health promotion in Floridian communities

Florida, March 1.- Health activists and a representation of professionals from the provincial capital city developed a day of preventive activities in constituency 73 of the Argentine Popular Council of the municipality of Florida.

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Developed in Las Parras Popular Council of Florida Community Work Workshop.

Florida, Feb. 25.- The First Community Work Workshop held at Las Parras Rural People’s Council, convened experiences related to food production through Family Farming programs, valued examples of collective participation in confronting the COVID-19 and opened a space for the exhibition of crafts and crafts made in the area during the stage of social isolation imposed by the pandemic.

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University professors in Florida collaborate with the Electoral Council.

Florida, Feb 23.- The teachers of the Municipal University Center support the work carried out in the Electoral Council of this territory, where all the data from the popular consultations carried out on the draft of the new Family Code are processed.

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Reconstruction work of the Combined Sports of the popular council Ibarra restarted (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 17.- A brigade of workers from the Sports sector in the municipality of Florida is resuming these days the repair of the premises occupied by the Ibarra Sports Complex, a work that responds to pending proposals from the population since 2018.

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Las Parras popular council evaluates strategy to combat COVID-19

Florida, Jun 28.- The most recent working session of the Temporary Group for the prevention and confrontation of COVID-19 in the Las Parras Popular Council of the municipality of Florida included in its analysis agenda fundamental issues to guarantee the quality of life of the totality of the inhabitants of the rural demarcation.

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Older adults of the Argentine popular council ready for health intervention (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 15.- The elderly of the Argentine popular council will be immunized in a few days with the vaccine candidate Abdala, in a health intervention process that began with Public Health workers and other social sectors linked to the confrontation with the Pandemic of COVID-19.

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Hard work to stop the transmission of the virus in the Popular Council of the Urban Center (+ Audio)

Florida, May 8.- With seven sources of transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centro Urbano popular council of the Florida municipality shows an increase in the incidence of this disease, so the Community Work Group intensifies its actions in the adoption of measures in order to reverse this epidemiological panorama.

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Edition 46 of “We are Continuity” in Florida reaches the popular council Ibarra (+ Photos)

Florida, Oct 3 – The We Are Continuity Integrated Community Work Program had its 46th edition this Saturday, October 3 in the 71 constituency of the Ibarra People’s Council of the Florida municipality. Continue reading

Municipal Defense Council informs the population about measures of the first phase of the Post Covid stage (+ Video)

Florida, Jun 19.- The measures that will be applied in the municipality of Florida in this first stage Post Covid, which begins today in much of the country, focused the attention of the members of the Municipal Defense Council (CDM), in a meeting which aired on Radio Florida’s special programming. Continue reading

Quarantine decreed in the Argentine People’s Council of Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Apr 10.- By decision of the Provincial Defense Council (CDP), in correspondence with the level of suspicious cases of COVID-19, the Quarantine is decreed from 6:00 am on April 10 zone 01 of the Popular Council (CP) Argentina, of the municipality of Florida, which remained in reinforced isolation. Continue reading