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Floridian pioneers will participate in Festival Cuba is my country

Florida, Jan 21.- José Martí Pioneers Organization (OPJM) will hold the Cuba is my country Festival this Friday, January 21, dedicated to promoting and strengthening pioneering movements in the teaching of Special, Primary and Secondary Education.

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Cuba: a country where the full dignity of man comes first (+ Audio + Post)

Florida, Dec 10.- Today’s Cubans, like few others in the world, have the possibility of talking about the enjoyment of Human Rights with the reality of having achieved all possible social justice and with the privilege of living in a country where the Man’s dignity reaches levels unthinkable for millions of men and women in the rest of the planet.

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Agricultural contracting, a task to think and act as a country (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 12 – The contracting of agricultural productions for delivery in the coming year 2022 knocks on the doors of the municipality of Florida as one of the fundamental orders of farmers in the final stretch of the current calendar.

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Serving our country in this situation is a pride¨ (+ Audio)

Florida, March 26.- This is what the young lawyer Yisbel Medina Hernández affirmed from the specialists of the Microbiology Laboratory belonging to the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the municipality of Florida that for more than a year has participated in the performance of rapid Kist and PCR to people with symptoms of Covid-19 and their contacts. Continue reading

I will fulfill any task in which the country needs me (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 20.- Ledianys Batista González, a 4th year student of the specialty of Stomatology, is one of the young Floridians who carry out investigations to detect possible infections with # COVID-19 in the municipality of Florida in time.

His experiences and willingness to fulfill any task in which the country needs her,  she manifests in the following interview with the journalist Marisol León Álvarez.

Venezuelan Government Fortifies Actions Against Destabilization

Venezuelan Government Fortifies Actions Against Destabilization

Venezuelan Government Fortifies Actions Against Destabilization

Caracas, Feb 13  –  The Venezuelan authorities are strengthening their actions in the country’s largest cities, against the right-wing strategy that targets public order and foments destabilization. Continue reading