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In Florida, second round of vaccination against COVID-19 for those over 19 years of age (+ Video)

Florida, Jul 28.- The health intervention with the Cuban vaccine Abdala advances in Florida during this week in which the 2nd dose of the Cuban immunogen is administered to the adult population of the municipality, as part of the National Program for Mass Immunization against discharge current incidence of SARS-CoV-2.

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Las Parras popular council evaluates strategy to combat COVID-19

Florida, Jun 28.- The most recent working session of the Temporary Group for the prevention and confrontation of COVID-19 in the Las Parras Popular Council of the municipality of Florida included in its analysis agenda fundamental issues to guarantee the quality of life of the totality of the inhabitants of the rural demarcation.

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Expanded vaccination against COVID-19 new show of unity of Floridians

Florida, June 9 – Undoubtedly the next expansion of the health intervention with Cuban vaccine candidates in other vulnerable sectors of the Florida municipality will become another sign of unity, trust, commitment and responsibility of the residents in each neighborhood and community of the territory .

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In the face of COVID-19, let’s take extra care of infants (+ Audio)

Florida, May 24.- The increase in the number of children, adolescents and young people infected with COVID-19 throughout the country constitutes an alarm signal not only for Cuban Public Health specialists, but also for the family, the head of the caring for infants in these times when SARS-CoV-2 is ravaging the world.

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Florida women also star in the battle against COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, May 12.- The grassroots leaders of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) actively participate in the actions planned in the municipality to confront the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic in each neighborhood or community, and They also involve in tasks of vital importance for the country such as energy saving.

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Cuba will complete in August all the doses necessary to vaccinate its population against COVID-19

Cuba expects to complete the necessary doses of its most advanced vaccine candidates in August to immunize the entire population against COVID-19. This was announced by the Doctor of Science Eduardo Martínez Díaz, president of the BioCubaFarma group.

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Alerts: COVID-19 reached rural Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, May 10 – The northern part of the rural area of the Florida municipality debuted these days with a positive case for COVID-19 in the rural community of San Diego, which triggered the alarms and renewed prevention measures that were not complied with by many people in the popular council of Las Parras.

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Florida Red Cross Volunteers Active in Fighting COVID-19

May 2021.- The men and women who as volunteers are grouped in the Florida branch of the Cuban Red Cross celebrate this May 8 the International Day of that humanitarian institution, directly linked in all the actions that are carried out here in the confrontation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Florida municipality regresses to phase of limited autochthonous transmission of Covid-19

Florida, March 8.- The Florida Municipal Defense Council was activated this Saturday to reinforce the measures to combat Covid-19 in the face of a greater epidemiological risk for the population, as this municipality regressed to a phase of autochthonous transmission limited by the increase of infections in the last 15 days. Continue reading

Young Floridians starring in key tasks to confront COVID-19

Florida, Feb 5.- The Union of Young Communists (UJC) maintains an active participation in the main actions to confront the pandemic that is taking place in the municipality of Florida in the current stage of re-outbreak of COVID-19, as well It was recognized in the recent work session by Heriberto Pérez, who attends the Worker Sphere in the provincial direction of that organization. Continue reading