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Miroslava Pacheco: «It is a crime to block Cuba in the midst of the pandemic» (+ Audio)

Florida, June 30.- The increase in sanctions and financial tricks to make it even more difficult for the Cuban Government to manage in the midst of a global health contingency, corroborates the cruelty of the blockade policy of the United States administrations against Cuba, threatening the life of its 11 million inhabitants.

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Tribute to the Crime Victims of Barbados (Audio)

Florida, October 6 – This October 6 marks the 44th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attack against Cubana de Aviación flight 455, which took the lives of 73 people, including members of the youth fencing team that had won all the titles of the Central American and Caribbean Championship held in Caracas.

The tribute to the victims of the accident comes in the following chronicle that the collaborator Luis Ortiz Chaviano presents in the voice of Yaneisi la Rosa Hernández for the informative programming of Radio Florida.

Camagüey´s airport tribute to victims of the crime of Barbados

Camagüey´s airport tribute to victims of the crime of Barbados

Camagüey´s airport tribute to victims of the crime of Barbados

Camagüey, Oct 7 – Workers of the Ignacio Agramonte International Airport, in this city, commemorated today, in an act of revolutionary reaffirmation, the blowing up in mid-flight of a Cubana de Aviación, in which 41 years ago lost their lives the 73 people on board, considered one of the most bloody acts against the Caribbean island. Continue reading