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The United States blockade also affects vector control (+ Audio)

Florida, July 2 .- The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba also impacts on the performance of the work of the workers of the Anti-Vector Fight, who appeal to innovations and alternatives to eliminate vector sources.

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Miroslava Pacheco: «It is a crime to block Cuba in the midst of the pandemic» (+ Audio)

Florida, June 30.- The increase in sanctions and financial tricks to make it even more difficult for the Cuban Government to manage in the midst of a global health contingency, corroborates the cruelty of the blockade policy of the United States administrations against Cuba, threatening the life of its 11 million inhabitants.

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Iranian diplomat reaffirms his country’s condemnation of the US blockade against Cuba

Quito, May 24.- The head of the diplomatic mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ecuador, Ahmad Pajarba, reaffirmed today that his nation condemns the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba.

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Morocco and Cuba share interest in cooperation in the field of health

Rabat, May 11.- Representatives of the governments of Morocco and Cuba addressed issues of common interest to both countries, including cooperation in the health sector, diplomatic sources reported.

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Cuba needs everyone to defeat this pandemic

Florida, May 5.- The confirmation of more than 50 autochthonous infections during the last 15 days and 22 open virus transmission foci in Florida, reflect an incidence of COVID-19 in this municipality that is classified as high risk for the population .

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Let us honor the effort Cuba is making in this battle for life.

Florida, Mar 11.- Friends, do you know how much it costs the country to support the Maternal and Child Program in order to guarantee the quality of life of our children, and thereby avoid an increase in mortality that before the triumph of the Revolution exceeded the figure of 60 deaths for every thousand live births? Continue reading

Saving lives with the name of Cuba on the chest (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 10.- The Bachelor of Nursing Magdarelys Hernández Mariano is part of the Brigade of the International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics “Henry Reeve” that contributes to save lives against Covid 19 in the Republic of Suriname in what constitutes its third internationalist mission.

About this new experience, the Floridian professional details via Internet the journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos for the informative programming of Radio Florida

Cuba saves, but the family has to save themselves first

A mother who cries in the face of the misfortune of her sick and life-threatening child always moves and brings compassion to the rest of those who know that this sincere cry comes from the soul and from the fear of losing a part of her life, a being that She saw herself come out and that has stolen the best moments of her existence. Continue reading

Sovereign 01 and 02 advance significantly

Havana, Dec 29.- In the scientists of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines (IFV) is the expression of the country. You have functioned as a family, united, fought, resisted amid the adversity of the year that is ending, and you have triumphed. Continue reading

In Cuba Revolution is equal to human rights

Florida, Aug 5 – The entire world is shaking under the deadly impact of a pandemic that to date has taken the lives of more than 600,000 people on almost every continent, including the elderly, the chronically ill and healthcare professionals, in a fight where the concern of governments for the well-being and protection of the lives of their peoples is tested. Continue reading