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Sovereign 01 and 02 advance significantly

Havana, Dec 29.- In the scientists of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines (IFV) is the expression of the country. You have functioned as a family, united, fought, resisted amid the adversity of the year that is ending, and you have triumphed. Continue reading

In Cuba Revolution is equal to human rights

Florida, Aug 5 – The entire world is shaking under the deadly impact of a pandemic that to date has taken the lives of more than 600,000 people on almost every continent, including the elderly, the chronically ill and healthcare professionals, in a fight where the concern of governments for the well-being and protection of the lives of their peoples is tested. Continue reading

Let’s build the wall of solidarity in the face of evil attitudes

Florida, Jul 31.- In difficult times it is essential to make solidarity fashionable, the one that in revolutionary and socialist Cuba brought us to the present, united, and without bowing down to imperial blockades, enemy and vernacular aggressions, or special periods where Our ability to save each other was tested, in the same car, and with the only plate of beans distributed among all. Continue reading

Against Covid as the Musketeers

Florida, Jul 29.- Amazement in many, concern in others, alarm in some cases and renewal of protection and prevention measures in certain groups of people was the first impact of the information known about 37 new cases of contagion by COVID- 19 offered by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health this Monday. Continue reading

Public health services are free but cost (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 8.- Although health services in Cuba are universal and free, it is well worth recognizing how much the Cuban state invests in caring for sick people and especially what has been the amount of monetary outlays in the confrontation. and fight against SARS-CoV-2, causing COVID-19. Continue reading

Cuba is a sister reaching out to the poorest (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 16.- Cuba saves, that is the reality that bothers most the enemies of the Revolution, led by an aggressive, criminal empire and unable to protect its own citizens from a pandemic with which it was demonstrated to the world painfully the incapacity of accumulated wealth in a few hands and the importance of humanism, solidarity and a state’s respect for the rights of the people. Continue reading

Liliet García Ramos and the privilege of living in Cuba (+ Audio)

Florida, June 2 – For Cuba for 60 years, the motto that nothing is more important than the life of a child marks the performance of all the institutions and social groups in the country under the guidance of the Communist Party and the revolutionary State, thus It was demonstrated once again in the municipality of Florida when Cuban medicine, together with the government’s will, fought together an epic battle to guarantee the survival of Liliet García Ramos. Continue reading

“In socialist Cuba nothing is more important than a child”

Florida, Jun 1.- Among the benefits enjoyed by Cuban children, one that stands out is not the most important for 60 years: the privilege of being born, living and growing in this Antillean archipelago, under the loving gaze and protector of the Revolution forged by Fidel and an institutional system that places them at the very center of social, government and state policies. Continue reading

Cuban Foreign Minister denounces US policy against Cuba and Venezuela

Cuban Foreign Minister denounces US policy against Cuba and Venezuela

Cuba, Jul 13 – Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla denounced in his official Twitter account the persecution of White House advisors against commercial operations between the Caribbean island and Venezuela. Continue reading

Cuba to launch new cigar in Switzerland

Cuba to launch new cigar in Switzerland

Cuba, Jul 13rd – The international corporation Habanos S.A. has notified in Havana Wednesday a special presentation for Switzerland on July 12 of the new brand of Punch, Short de Punch. Continue reading