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Activities continue in Florida to celebrate the Day of Cuban Culture (+ Post)

Florida, Oct 18.- Last weekend the 50th Anniversary Cultural Guerrilla made up of the Art Instructors of José Martí Brigade, from the municipality of Florida, was activated as part of the program of activities organized to celebrate the Day for Cuban Culture , and the 18th birthday of that youth group.

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Baseball is a distinctive symbol of Cuban cultural identity (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 21.- The declaration of baseball as a Cultural Heritage of Cuba on October 19 is a fact that makes the family of this sport happy and proud in the municipality of Florida.

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Vaccination with Abdala; a success of Cuban Medicine and Science (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 11 – With the application of the third dose of the Cuban vaccine Abdala in the municipality of Florida, the health intervention process designed by the Ministry of Public Health to face the high incidence of COVID-19 advances.

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Fidel Castro: leader of the Cuban resistance in the special period (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 10 – Most Cubans who were born in the last two decades may not remember the crudest details of the stage known as the special period in peacetime, which has become one of the most difficult periods of the Revolution and of the life of our people.

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Day of the Cuban press in the struggle of the profession.

Florida, Mar 10.- As a consequence of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the traditional Cuban press day is carried out in an atypical way, as no meetings with local authorities, visits to entities and other festivities are foreseen in the groups. Continue reading

Maray Sáez Ávalo: in every Cuban doctor there is a Fidel (+ Audio)

Florida, Nov 18.- Florida Doctor Maray Sáez Ávalo is one of the professionals of the Public Health System of this municipality who, since the first years of graduation, has fulfilled missions within and outside the country; Mountainous areas of the east, Venezuela, Brazil know of the delivery of this woman who faced the Covid-19 pandemic in the red zone in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Her testimony was related to the journalist Marisol León Álvarez for the informational programming of Radio Florida.

Vilma: heir to the authentic lineage of Cuban women (+ Audio)

Florida, June 18.- This June 18 marks the 13th anniversary of the physical disappearance of Vilma Espín Guillois, outstanding combatant of the underground movement and of the Rebel Army, Heroine of the Republic of Cuba, and founding president of the Federation of Cuban Women, paradigm of the women that today, in all economic, political and social spheres, materialize a better future for the people. Continue reading

Our cooperatives are in tune with the claim of the Cuban Government (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 17.- This was expressed by Misael Hernández Gutiérrez, president of the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS) Alberto Becerra of the Municipality of Florida, who spoke about the actions carried out in that entity in terms of food production in this spring stage with the Journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera for the informative programming of Radio Florida.

About the Cuban Librarian’s Day (+ Audio)

Florida, June 4.- On June 7, the day of the Cuban librarian is celebrated, in tribute to the birthday of Don Antonio Bachiller and Morales, one of the most distinguished Cuban intellectuals considered the father of bibliography in the country. About the date, Nairin Vázquez, a specialist at the Rubén Martínez Villena public library with 36 years of experience, spoke with the collaborator Luis Ortiz Chaviano in an interview that was broadcast on the Radio Florida news program.

Orestes González: “This situation reaffirmed my confidence in Cuban health” (+ Audio)

Florida, May 28.- The presence of Covid 19 in a body is invisible to the eyes and that makes it more difficult to determine what physical contact that respiratory disease can transmit to us. This is demonstrated with the contagion of Floridian Orestes González Álvarez. More details in the following radio interview of the journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos