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The Physical Culture and Sports movement in the region has been further strengthened.

Florida, Feb 21.- The municipality of Florida welcomed the court of the Provincial School of Physical Education Teachers in Camagüey “Inés Luaces”, to evaluate the athletes of this town and the neighboring municipalities Céspedes and Esmeralda who are in their last year of studies in this Center of professional technical education.

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Pedro Pablo Argüelles: from the Physical Culture values are also formed (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 23.- The professionals of Physical Culture and Sports in Florida also commemorate the Educator’s Day in Cuba, as part of this sector, in which they assume the pedagogical responsibility of instructing in high athletic performance, promoting healthy practices and transmit human values in each training or community activity, in each area or facility.

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2021: a year of hard fight against Covid 19 for Physical Culture and Sports workers in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 21.- The professionals of Physical Culture and Sports in Florida in this 2021 remained as a constant support force to the multiple tasks that were also deployed in this municipality to protect the people from Covid 19 that, in this year, it reported its highest incidence in the country.

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Florida culture sector pays tribute to Florida journalist (+ Post)

Florida, Dec 11.- The culture sector in the territory of Florida offered a tribute to the journalist and historian Martha Martínez Duliet, one of the personalities to whom they dedicate the Florida Culture Week, for the 97 years of the declaration of the municipal term.

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43 young Floridians concluded Physical Culture studies (+ Audio and Post)

Florida, Dec 8.- After five years of study at Florida Municipal University Center, 43 young people presented this Tuesday their culmination exercise in the Physical Culture specialty, which allows them to perform better prepared and more committed to the development of the sport in Florida.

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Family of Physical Culture and sports in defense of the Cuban Revolution

Florida, July 19.- The Florida Physical Culture and Sports Family rejects the accusations of violence and incitement of hatred promoted from social networks towards some of its professionals, and in this sense they reaffirm their position in defense of citizen tranquility conquered by the Cuban Revolution against those who try to destabilize the municipality.

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Florida defends its history in promoting an agroecological culture

Florida, May 13.- The national leadership of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) came to the municipality of Florida to verify the progress of the implementation of the agreements emanating from the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, in a particular way regarding the implementation of agroecological practices aimed at guaranteeing food production in the current economic – health situation.

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The social activism of professionals in Physical Culture and Sports is recognized.

Florida, April 6 – The social commitment of young people can be seen in the mobilization capacity of the Physical Culture and Sports professionals of the Florida municipality to support any task that requires an extraordinary push before and during the current health contingency and economical.

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Professionals of Physical Culture and Sports active protagonists of the current battles.

Florida, Mar 17.- During the current phase of limited autochthonous transmission, the professionals of Physical Culture and Sports of the municipality of Florida recess their practices as a preventive measure, and once again become one of the most active support forces for the actions to confront COVID-19 and other tasks. Continue reading

Young Florida artists confirm their support for the Ministry of Culture (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 29.- Once again, Social Networks, in particular Facebook, welcomed the new media show orchestrated by those paid by the empire who intend to show the world that Cuba is in the midst of social chaos. Once again in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture in the capital a dozen young people joined who, far from civilized talk, wanted to create a story about something they were doing themselves.

On this new provocative act, Jildo Borrer Cáceres, president of the Florida cell of the Hermanos Saiz Association, expressed his opinion in the report by journalist Ailen Vargas Abella.