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Intellectuals Discuss History, Education and Culture in Cuba

Intellectuals Discuss History, Education and Culture in Cuba

Intellectuals Discuss History, Education and Culture in Cuba

Havana, May 8  –  The first lecture series on education and culture in Cuba is focused on the importance of reading manuals to set physical and spiritual guidelines during childhood. Continue reading


Conversation on Cuban Culture in Berlin

4Berlin, Feb 20 – The room at the Humboldt House belonging to the Humboldt University in the German capital was the venue of a conversation on Cuban culture Wednesday. The event was celebrated in the presence of fine arts artist Alexis Fernandez Arce in the frame of his exhibit “Renacer” (Rebirth) in that place.

Fernandez Arce talked about different stages of the work in the different fine arts movements in Cuba. Continue reading

Community Radio Support of Culture and Identity

By José Díaz Hernández

Community radio station is a way to get closer, a bridge, a step towards the other; not for the other to become what we are, but for him/her to be what he/she is. It is not about having more, but of being. That is the true mission of community radio, of that Radio that has been done in Florida since November 2, 1969 and remains strong in the preference of the people. Continue reading