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Discipline, control and decisive demand to achieve sugarcane recovery in Florida

Florida, Dec. 6.- The sugar producers of the Florida municipality are called not only to materialize an efficient harvest in the midst of the current difficulties of the country and the world, but they also have the challenge of recovering sugarcane production in response to the demand made by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz to safeguard a key sector in the Cuban economy and society.

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Florida dairy multiplies its productions and substitutes imports

Florida, Jul 30.- With the pride of being considered the best entity of its kind in the province of Camagüey, the Business Unit of the Dairy Base of the Municipality of Florida duplicates its daily work in search of multiplying productions and thereby increasing the food supply to the population. Continue reading

Nelson del Sol Serrallonga: demand and momentum (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 27.- Doctor Nelson del Sol Serrallonga stands out at the forefront of the Public Health sector in the municipality of Florida with levels of demand and momentum that are sometimes scary, but that mobilize and transform. Continue reading

Freedom for Cuban Five Demanded on Ecuadorian Volcano’s Summit

Cuban Five

Cuban Five

Quito, Jun 30  –  Officials from the Prefecture of Pichincha, the metropolitan town hall, the May 24 Cooperative of Lloa and the Cuban Embassy in Ecuador hoisted a flag on the summit of the Pichincha Volcano on Saturday to demand the release of the Cuban Five. Continue reading

Cienfuegos’ and Guantanamo’s Young Athletes Pedal Together For the Five

Cienfuegos' and Guantanamo's Young Athletes Pedal Together For the Five

Cienfuegos’ and Guantanamo’s Young Athletes Pedal Together For the Five

March, 30 – Three cyclists of Cienfuegos joined today to Guantanamo’s young athletes involved in a tour around the Island to demand justice for the Cuban Five unjustly convicted in U.S. to fight terrorism. Continue reading