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Ordinary session of the local government body evaluates the socioeconomic situation of the territory

Florida Oct 1.- The management of the Board of Directors to address the proposals of the population and the progress of the rice production programs, stood out among the topics most debated by the Floridian delegates during the development this Friday of the 36th ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power.

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New Family Code safeguards the best interests of minors

Florida, Sep 13.- The right to life, survival and development, to participation, non-discrimination and respect for the best interests of children is explicitly endorsed in the new Cuban Family Code , in a full display of support for international criteria and the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic.

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We work to materialize the objectives for Social and Human Development

Florida, Aug 29.- Despite the enormous shortcomings and economic limitations of the current situation in the country, the Cuban Revolution does not give up for a single second the effort to advance in each and every one of the objectives of human and social development , approved in the governing documents of the Communist Party and the Government of the nation.

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Materializing the Local Development Strategy demands a more creative government management.

Florida, March 4.- The municipality faces the negative effects of climate change and the socioeconomic challenges that demand a more integrated management of Science, Innovation, natural resources and the Environment, to advance the objectives of the Strategy of Local development.

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Department of Animal Health, decisive in local agricultural development

Florida, Feb 2.- The workers linked to the Department of Animal Health in the Municipal Delegation of Agriculture managed to overcome the difficulties and contribute to the increase in meat and milk production during the past year and in the current calendar they continue to focus on the implementation of the 63 measures approved in the country to improve the agricultural sector.

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Florida’s scientific potential contributed to local development (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 28.- As has happened throughout the country, in the municipality of Florida during the year that ends, it excelled in the work of men and women dedicated to scientific research.

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Educate your Child program guarantees the full development of infants (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 11 – Floridian mother Anayibi Santo-Domingo Aróstedi appreciates the possibility that the Educate Your Child Program offers her to show that her little Melany, like all children, can have a full development and enjoy the benefits of the educational system in Cuba.

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New Local Development Project will provide income and offers to the population (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, June 1st.- The La Reina mini-industry takes better shape with the progress in the construction of a first warehouse where one of the production areas of this unit will be enabled, as part of a Local Development Project that unites the initiatives and the capital from self-employed workers and the Florida Municipal Government to generate new contributions to the economy and offers to the population.

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Florida Research Center contributes to the economic development of the country (+ Audio )

Florida, Jan. 20.- The constant search for methods and techniques to obtain more juicy and climate-resistant cane varieties distinguishes the scientific work of the group of academics and technicians from the Territorial Station for Sugar Cane Research (ETICA) in the Florida Township.

The Master of Science Isabel Torres Madrigal, Deputy Director of Investigations at ETICA, provides details about the scientific work of that entity in the following report by journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos for the news programming of Radio Florida.

Promote local development, the main challenge for Floridians in 2021 (+ Audio)

Florida Jan 4.- The health and economic contingency generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the intensification of the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States government against Cuba demanded in the municipality of Florida the altruism and creativity of many men and women to guarantee the health and the best possible well-being of the people during the year 2020.

This was valued at the end of December by Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, deputy to the Cuban Parliament and president of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power in Florida; Yunier Soler Castellanos brought the report to the Radio Florida Newsroom.