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In Florida, the majority voted for Yes

Florida, Sep 26.- In preliminary data from the highest electoral entity in the municipality of Florida, after the scrutiny of the ballots, the majority vote for Yes, although the official results of the popular referendum on the new Cuban Family Code come from the sum of all the votes in the country.

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Discipline, control and decisive demand to achieve sugarcane recovery in Florida

Florida, Dec. 6.- The sugar producers of the Florida municipality are called not only to materialize an efficient harvest in the midst of the current difficulties of the country and the world, but they also have the challenge of recovering sugarcane production in response to the demand made by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz to safeguard a key sector in the Cuban economy and society.

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Given the epidemiological situation in Florida: greater citizen discipline and rigor of the investigation

Florida, Aug 9.- The epidemiological situation continues with a high degree of complexity in Florida at the end of August 6, a day in which 123 new autochthonous infections of COVID-19 and two other fatalities due to the pandemic.

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The commitment of Public Health personnel demands greater citizen discipline

Florida, July 7 – With more than 380 autochthonous infections confirmed in the last 15 days, the municipality of Florida is currently experiencing the most complex epidemiological situation since the arrival of COVID-19 in this territory at the end of March of last year.

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Discipline and perception of risk, premises to stop the chain of infections (+ Audio)

Florida, May 7 – The increase in the number of people infected with COVID-19 in the January 4 distribution of the municipality of Florida demands greater responsibility for compliance with the sanitary hygienic measures indicated by the Public Health direction.

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Discipline and responsibility: determinants to live the new normal (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 13.- In the municipality of Florida, as in a good part of the country, the stage called the new normal began this Monday, October 12, in which it is intended to restore productive activity and services by strengthening epidemiological surveillance, in addition compliance and control of hygienic-sanitary measures.

This is reflected by the journalist Marisol León Álvarez in the following report that she presented to the Radio Florida news program.


Discipline and responsibility in the 42nd edition of the community program Somos Continuidad en Florida (+ Photos)

Florida, Sep 5.- The 42nd edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program took place this Saturday in the 28th district of the popular council of Agramonte in the municipality of Florida. Continue reading

Discipline and demand in educational settings to avoid epidemic outbreaks (+ Photos)

Florida, Sep 2 – The resumption of educational activities and the return of children to classrooms and sports facilities, pose a new social scenario under the threat of COVID-19, where citizen discipline and family responsibility must reach degrees superlatives to avoid regrowth. Continue reading

Four Cuban Canoeists to World Cup in Hungary

Four Cuban Canoeists to World Cup in Hungary

Four Cuban Canoeists to World Cup in Hungary

Havana, May 22  –  Cuba will have four World Cup canoeists at Szeged, Hungary, from May 23 to 25, says Alejandro Hanze, national commissioner of the discipline. Continue reading