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Municipal Festival of Community Physical Activity is held in Florida(+Post)

Florida, May 18.- The direction of the Sports Sector in Florida recognized the best teachers in the class for the elderly, during the traditional Municipal Festival that brings together members of the Circles of Grandparents for the Demonstration of different types of physical exercises and healthy practices.

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Orialis Melián Montalván, a Florida tobacconist who defends tradition (+ Audio)

Florida, April 1.- Orialis Melián Montalván, is one of the rollers and founders of the Rolando Valdivia Tobacco Factory in the municipality of Florida, who is proud to continue the legacy of her predecessors; With more than 30 years of experience, this Florida tobacco company is an example for the new generations that are trained as operators in that industry.

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It is important to take advantage of the experience of former workers

Florida, Feb 2.- The aging population that the country is experiencing has a direct impact on the gradual decrease in the labor force necessary to guarantee the production of goods and services that society demands, based on the drop in indicators such as the birth rate and the growth of the migration of a considerable volume of young people of working age.

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Lázara Carrasco Española: 38 years of experience in the teaching profession

Florida, Dec 15.- At the Enrique José Varona school in the municipality, the powerful voice of the teacher Lázara Carrasco Española stands out daily, she feels satisfied with the profession she chose:

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Radial Morning Gymnastics Experience in Florida (+Audio)

Florida, Aug 25.- Every morning this summer, those who tune in to Radio Florida, in addition to being informed and listening to music to liven up the day, can learn new physical exercises to improve their body health, thanks to the morning gymnastics that through This local radio station’s signal promotes Physical Culture and Sports professionals in the municipality.

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Delia Diepa Peláez, experienced Florida electoral authority (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 24.- More than 93 percent of the members of the grassroots electoral commissions established in the Florida municipality have experience of organizing work in previous voting processes, which is a strength for the conduct of the upcoming Popular Referendum on the new Family Code in this territory.

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Hermanos Pírez and their experience in family self-sufficiency (+ Audio and Post)

Florida, Sep 14.- Floridian brothers Rafael and Amada Pírez Sánchez dedicate their free time to cultivate the land in the yard next to their home, land from which they have obtained a variety of fruits and vegetables for family self-sufficiency.

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Covid-20, a painful experience that I do not wish on anyone (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 20.- This is how the Floridian Kirenia Ramírez López expressed, after she, her three-year-old daughter and her husband were confirmed as positive for the new coronavirus that causes Covid-19. She shared her testimony with the journalist Marisol León Álvarez. Continue reading

Maray Sáez Ávalos: a new experience from solidarity (+ Audio)

Florida, Apr 30.- Maray Sáez Ávalos is a Floridian doctor formed by the Revolution, who as part of the International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics, Henry Reeve, collaborates in the Commonwealth of Dominica, in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic. The work he does together with his 34 colleagues is a clear demonstration that Cuba Saves. The details in the following report by the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera for the information services of Radio Florida.