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Recognition of families of Youth Pan American Athletes began in Florida

Florida, Nov. 11.- The direction of the municipal Sports sector in Florida began this Wednesday a program of recognition and attention to the relatives of the gymnast Danaylis León Joseph and the taekwondoca Jessy de la Caridad Valdespino, who will represent Cuba in the First Youth Pan American Games to be held from November 25 to December 5 in Cali, Colombia.

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Florida bakers support families isolated by COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 27.- The workers of the La Luz candy store, belonging to the Food Company of the Florida municipality, made more than 40 thousand sweets in the past days of September, products that the Commerce and Gastronomy company commercialized in the areas where isolated families with positive cases for COVID-19 remained.

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Attention to vulnerable families continues in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 25.- Attention to families in vulnerable conditions is a priority task throughout the national territory that materializes in Florida in the delivery of household supplies, articles for personal use, financial benefits and other aid to those in need. Continue reading

More than 435 thousand pesos of economic aid to vulnerable families in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan. 6.- The Ordinance Task that began to be applied in Cuba on the first day of January is inspired by the principle that no one will be left stranded and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security assumes a high responsibility in this regard.
This was stated by Elvis Peña Estrada, director of that state agency in the municipality, when offering details about the work carried out with vulnerable families in the country’s new economic scenario, in an interview with Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera, a journalist for Radio information services Florida.

More than 200 vulnerable families received financial aid in Florida

Florida, Jan 5.- More than 200 families received financial aid for the start of this new year in Florida, as part of the state program of attention to natural persons with the condition of vulnerable before the current task of monetary and exchange regulation in Cuba . Continue reading

Donation from the international Red Cross benefits Florida families (+ Photos)

Florida, Oct. 3.- More than 120 families that were affected by the Severe Local Storm that hit the Municipality of Florida on April 29 receive a donation with various items for personal use and household supplies, sent to the country by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Crescent. Continue reading

Encourage Florida families whose yards are productive (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 1.- Several families with productive yards in the Agramonte Popular Council received the 60th Anniversary status of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in greeting to the new birthday of the largest mass organization in the country. The journalist Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez tells us about the subject in the following report for the information services of Radio Florida.


Work is done in Florida to improve the quality of life of vulnerable families

Florida, Sep 12 – The Florida government will maintain a constant search for solutions to the problems and demands of the most vulnerable or socially disadvantaged individuals and families compared to the rest of the population, in a strategy that leads to improving their quality life in an orderly and gradual way. Continue reading

Several Floridian families benefited with new homes (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug. 3 – Several Floridian families are already enjoying a new home from the construction of new homes in the old Military Sector, a work in progress planned to materialize 50 houses to benefit people affected by hurricanes, single mothers with three or more children and residents of the Playa Florida Community. Continue reading

Florida homes delivered to families affected by the severe local storm (+ Photos)

Florida, June 15.- This Sunday, June 14, the first three homes were delivered to families affected by the severe local storm that passed through the municipality of Florida in April. Continue reading