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Popular consultation of the Family Code project concluded in Florida

Florida, Apr 6.- With the development of all the meetings planned by the electoral authorities for the community analysis of the Family Code Project, the popular consultation process in the municipality of Florida concluded.

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Residents of Florida value the new project of the Family Code

Florida, March 25.- Residents of district 81 in the municipality validated the fairness and broad legal scope of the Family Code Project, during their community meeting corresponding to the current popular consultation process on the document.

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The positive scope of the Family Code project is valued in Florida

Florida, March 24.- Residents of area number one of constituency eight in the territory expressed their support for the New Family Code Project, during their community meeting corresponding to the current popular consultation process.

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Execute maintenance to offices of the Family Doctor and Nurse Program

Florida, March 18.- Nine clinics linked to the Family Doctor and Nurse Program located in the county of Argentina, Agramonte and Ibarra, and in the seaside community of Playa Florida are currently receiving maintenance actions to guarantee greater comfort for patients, specialists and care to people in these institutions.

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Notaries and registrars accompany the discussion of the Family Code in Florida (+Photo)

Florida, Feb 28.- The 17 notaries and registrars of the Municipal Directorate of Justice, assume these days the task of clarifying doubts to the population about the Project of the new Family Code in each Popular Council of the territory.

José Carlos González García, director of the Department of Justice in the town, reported that among the most debated issues by the people are the new modifications regarding the liquidation of community property, the shelter and protection of women, children, elderly and disabled in terms of physical violence, as well as the adoption of children by same-sex couples.

The Law graduate also recognized the work of notaries and registrars, who have the great responsibility of analyzing and debating the new Family Code in the communities, but also continue in their workplaces with the provision of services to the population.

Fiscalía de Florida insertada en el proceso de consulta del nuevo Código de las Familias (+Audio)

At a good pace popular consultation on the Family Code Project (+Photos and Posts)

Florida, Feb. 15.- At the end of the second week of the popular consultation process on the Family Code Project in the municipality of Florida, a total of 57 constituency meetings had already been held, in accordance with the schedule provided by the authorities. of the Municipal Electoral Council.

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Draft of the new Family Code pays attention to the elderly (+Messages)

Florida, Feb 12.- Despite the fact that the majority of Cubans have lived for 60 years under the siege of one of the longest and most brutal economic, commercial and financial blockades recorded in the history of humanity, politics, the State and the Government in the country never abandoned the care programs for the elderly and the promotion of actions aimed at counteracting the impact of the accelerated aging of the population in the largest republic of the Antilles.

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Training in responsibility values ​​shared by Florida family and school (+Audio and Photos)

Florida, Feb 7.- When a society has educated young people with a good preparation that allows them to decide on their way of thinking and acting, subversion has no place; On the subject of manipulation in social networks, Leslie Carvajal, a student at the Rolando Valdivia pre-university in the municipality of Florida, assures that “I use them to upload photos, look for information about artists or for school work, but nothing else.”

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Debate on the Family Code in Florida: an example of participatory democracy (+Audio, Photos and Post)

Florida, Feb 4.- In 13 constituency areas of the municipality of Florida, the popular consultation on the New Family Code Project began this Tuesday, as in the entire country.

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Training for electoral authorities and jurists on the Family Code project (+Audio and Photos)

Florida, February 1.- Electoral authorities and jurists of the municipality of Florida with the task of conducting the popular consultation on the New Family Code Project received professional training on the constitutional principles and rights contained in the document.

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