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Hermanos Pírez and their experience in family self-sufficiency (+ Audio and Post)

Florida, Sep 14.- Floridian brothers Rafael and Amada Pírez Sánchez dedicate their free time to cultivate the land in the yard next to their home, land from which they have obtained a variety of fruits and vegetables for family self-sufficiency.

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The continuity of the school year demands the support of family members and students

June 2021.- The continuity of the 2020-2021 school year is a concern for the majority of the family with children of school age.

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Family Care Systems: Messengers foster bonds of humanity (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 21.- In order to prevent new infections with COVID-19 in older adults, Florida workers support the work of messaging the establishments of the Family Attention System. This is confirmed by the journalist Diala González Ramayo in the following report. Continue reading

Those who work and perform will not have problems with supporting their family (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb. 19.- This is how Roberto Cruz García, president of the Frank País Credit and Services Cooperative, an entity belonging to the rural sector of the Florida municipality, that today takes advantage of all possible alternatives to advance the challenges imposed by the Task Ordering the cane-sugar sector. Continue reading

Protecting infants: responsibility of the elders of the family (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 27.- The number of COVID-19 cases increasing in infants during this regrowth stage is significant in Cuba. The need to correctly apply hygienic-sanitary measures on the part of adults in charge of the smallest of the house, is vital to counteract these unfortunate results.

This is confirmed by several Florida mothers who shared their experiences in the current stage of the pandemic with Diala González Ramallo, a journalist for Radio Florida.

Jessica Ortiz: I advise you to take good care of yourself and protect your family (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 26.- Florida athlete Jessica Ortiz Peraza was diagnosed with COVID-19 during her stay at the National Field Hockey School, and is currently receiving the required medical attention at the Naval Military Hospital Doctor Luís Díaz Soto from the city of Havana.

In her testimony, the young athlete ratifies the guarantees of medical care that every citizen has in all Cuba in the face of this pandemic, and reaffirms the priority of reinforcing social prevention to minimize the risk of contagion with the dangerous virus in communication via Internet to journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos from Radio Florida information services.

Cuba saves, but the family has to save themselves first

A mother who cries in the face of the misfortune of her sick and life-threatening child always moves and brings compassion to the rest of those who know that this sincere cry comes from the soul and from the fear of losing a part of her life, a being that She saw herself come out and that has stolen the best moments of her existence. Continue reading

Sports family in Florida with broad social prominence in 2020 (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 16.- The physical prowess and social commitment of Sports professionals in the municipality of Florida were together with the people during this calendar, in order to minimize the effects of the health and economic contingency caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19. Continue reading

They call to promote the saving of electricity in the family

Florida, Oct 22.- The rational use of electricity in the residential sector is essential in Florida for the savings measures implemented in this territory to bear fruit, in order to avoid damage to the national economy and protect the vitality of this service to the population during the current contingency. Continue reading

“An act like that can never be forgotten” (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 5 – The memory of the Sports family in Florida is intact this day when they denounce with deep pain and sense of justice the terrorist act perpetrated on a Cubana de Aviación aircraft in mid-flight, where 73 people lost their lives. including the members of the youth fencing team.

Floridian Hilario Hipólito Beret, Gloria del deporte remembers her teammates in the 70s, when she spoke with journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos for the informative programming of Radio Florida.