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Floridian farmers donate blood as a tribute to Fidel Castro

Florida, Nov. 17.- Once again there were multiple motivations from those associated with the blood donor club at Romárico Cordero Garcés Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), in the municipality of Florida, to attend the new blood donation day developed this Tuesday, where 45 arms were extended to help save human lives and the production of blood products.

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Floridian farmers determined to advance food production

Florida, Aug 29.- In the midst of current limitations, the majority of farmers in the municipality of Florida continue to show that it is possible to advance in food production, based on seeking and finding alternatives to economic difficulties and the lack of resources.

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Farmers in Florida advance in planting various crops

Florida, May 28.- The agricultural company of the municipality of Florida is progressing satisfactorily in the planting of various crops planned for the current spring campaign, in the midst of a complex stage where it is essential to seek alternatives and opportunities that contribute to productive commitments of the current year.

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Farmers in La Victoria seek to outperform the previous crop of tobacco in Florida.


Florida, March 19.- The La Victoria tobacco farm, associated with the Frank País García Agricultural Production Cooperative (CPA) of the territory, expects to exceed the harvest volume obtained in the 2021 campaign this year, despite the insufficiencies in the availability of irrigation for all planted areas.

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Floridian farmers ratified the commitment to continue producing for the people (+ Post)

Florida, March 12.- “An insecure man does not walk and a peasant who is not clear about leadership and the contractual and legal processes that involve him is paralyzed; For this reason, it is urgent to define responsibilities on each front of Agriculture so that farmers do not waste time and work, are well informed about the benefits they receive, and feel increasingly committed to the economy and with support for the principles and values ​​of the Revolution.

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Floridian farmers summoned to improve their productive results (+Photos and Posts)

Florida, Feb 11.- The municipality of Florida needs to raise and comply with each of the agricultural purposes planned for 2022, with the aim of improving the economic indicators of the territory and satisfying the demands of the people in this important sphere.

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Facing COVID-19, Florida farmers maintain their productive commitment (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 9.- Even though COVID-19 has also penetrated the agricultural lands of the Florida municipality, the peasants of the territory maintain their determination to produce food for the people.

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“We farmers continue to deliver and deliver” (+ Audio)

Florida, June 3 – This was expressed by Yadira Arrocha Bermúdez, experienced president of the Rolando Valdivia Credit and Services Cooperative, from the municipality of Florida, when evaluating interesting and current issues such as agricultural re-hiring after the approval of the 63 benefit measures to the farmers of the field, the role of the Cooperatives and the managers of the sector, and on the legal slaughter of larger cattle.

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Florida Farmers Receive Training on New Government Approved Measures (+ Audio)

Florida, May 2.- The new measures adopted by the country in relation to the process of exporting food, goods and services to the state and non-state sector, becomes a significant advance for those companies or people interested in generating monetary income to turn. to the acquisition of the necessary supplies.

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Florida Farmers Work to Guarantee Food Sovereignty (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 26.- During the past year, Florida farmers advanced in the mission of guaranteeing food sovereignty in this municipality, although much remains to be done to stabilize the supply of food, grains and vegetables to the population. Continue reading