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Called pork farmers from Florida to plant varieties for animal feed (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 19.- Pork meat is among the most acclaimed food items by the population and at the same time one of the most difficult to obtain these days of contingency due to its almost non-existence at official points and the exorbitant prices on the market. supply and demand. Continue reading

Increase food production, a challenge for Floridian farmers (+ Audio)

Florida, May 23.- Sow, sow and sow, that is the currency that must accompany right now the performance of those who work the land in this Florida municipality, obliged to guarantee the food self-sufficiency of the more than 69 thousand inhabitants of the territory , with the participation of all entities in the agricultural sector and the sugar system, together with the contribution of Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture. This is the subject of the comment that Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera shared in the informative programming of Radio Florida.

Improve food production, urgent task for Florida’s Farmers

By Pedro Pablo Sáez

Florida, June 13. – To achieve better results in the production and stockpiling of food. To speed up the production capacity of more than 3700 farmers benefited by Decree Law 259, are one of the main challenges of agriculture in Florida.

The real possibility of increasing the efficiency at each milking and fulfill the plan of selling milk to the industry, prepare land, planting and harvesting on time are subjects in which the municipality is bound to get better grades in search of satisfying the demand of the people. Continue reading