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Florida municipal museum treasures objects that Fidel received as gifts (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 16.- Throughout his life, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz received numerous and valuable gifts, delivered by important personalities from Cuba and the world, which he decided to donate to cultural institutions throughout the country.

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This Saturday in Florida festival I sing to Martí and Fidel (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 13.- More than 12 works will be in competition at the Children’s Interpretation Festival I sing to Martí and Fidel, which will take place this Saturday, August 13, at the Luis Casas Romero House of Culture in the municipality of Florida, at starting at two in the afternoon.

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Fidel and his link with the municipality of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 13.- This August 13 marks the 96th anniversary of the birth of the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz, and in this regard the journalist Diala González Ramayo inquired about the link of the eternal Commander in Chief with the municipality of Florida .

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Fidel’s legacy present in the young lawyers of Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 4.- Throughout his entire life, the leader of the Cuban Revolution always acted in accordance with moral principles and legal norms, which marked his actions regardless of the social framework in which he lived.

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Florida pioneers evoke Fidel on the anniversary of his physical death (+ Audio)

November 2021.- Five years will turn this November 25 since the physical departure of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz and from the schools of Florida the pioneers who know about his values and actions pay tribute to him. The details in the report of the journalist Marisol León Álvarez.

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Cuban resistance to the economic blockade honors Fidel’s legacy (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 11.- From the first years of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Yankee imperialism sided with the enemies of the Homeland and devoted all possible resources and pressure to destroy the exemplary and humanistic work begun by Fidel’s generation. and sustained by the New Pines in the 21st century.

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In San Antonio a tribute to Fidel from Art (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Dec 2.- Even the rural community of San Antonio de Florida, far from the municipal seat, comes, through Art, the tribute to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro. More details through the following report by journalist Marisol León Alvarez.

What a Fidel !, always sleepless, tireless (+ Images and Audio)

Florida, Nov. 25-On November 25, the Commander-in-Chief undertook the infinite journey to immortality. His material departure was like the return to the place of a risky landing, as when he came with his fellow revolutionaries from Mexico. More details through the following chronicle by Luis Ortíz Chaviano.

Fidel: the possibility that will guard us forever (+ Audio and Video)

Florida, Nov 25 – There are emotions that are too great, too powerful to be told in words. There are moments when the whole soul turns to sadness for a moment. More details through the following report by Luis Ortíz Chaviano in the voice of José Díaz Hernández.

Florida University Center with tribute actions to Fidel

Florida, Nov. 14.- In homage to the historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander Fidel Castro Ruz on the fourth anniversary of his physical disappearance, the workers of the University Center in Florida organized various actions to enhance his thinking and action. Continue reading