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The incidence of Dengue in Florida decreases significantly (+ Audio)

Florida, Jan 20.- The workers of the Public Health sector of the municipality of Florida do not faint in the fight against infectious diseases.

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Health authorities call to reinforce the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito in Florida.

Florida, Oct 25.- Even though the effort of the health authorities and other Floridian actors in the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito has been extraordinary in recent months, the territory maintains a high rate of infestation by the vector, which places the municipality in the category of epidemiological risk for dengue transmission.

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Florida Microbiology Laboratory active in the fight against Dengue

Florida, Jul 30.- The group of the Microbiology Laboratory in the municipality of Florida works systematically with the samples collected in the territory, to detect people positive for being infected with Dengue.

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Floridian communist militancy called to increase the fight on Social Networks.

Florida, Feb 7.- “The communist militancy of Florida is called to recognize and disseminate more effectively and systematically, by all possible means, the feats that the Cuban people perform every day to defend and advance the immense work of the Revolution ”.

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In Florida they fight against everything that distorts the Ordering Task (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb. 4 .- An attack against high prices, illegal sellers, irregularities in the provision of services and social indiscipline is carried out in Florida, as in the entire national territory.

Information on the purpose of this measure is offered by Yormay González Ramayo, coordinator of the economy program of the Municipal Administration Council, and other state officials in the report by journalist Ailen Vargas Abella.

Evoking José Martí in times of fight

José Martí told us that there are men-males and men-females and he also told us that among virile men it is not possible to offer or receive flattery, that each man is a workshop, that there are few things in the world as hated as hypocrites and that morality does not perish because every man who is born makes it fertile. Continue reading

The fight against resellers and hoarders increases in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 10.- The confrontation with corruption and illegalities is urgent to ensure the success in the social sphere of the new ones implemented in the country as part of the strategy designed to promote the development of the national economy.
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Comprehensive Supervision Directorate in Florida involved in the fight against illegalities (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 8.- In the frontal combat against illegalities that are being waged throughout the country, the members of the Comprehensive Supervision Directorate in the municipality of Florida have before them the important challenge of increasing the systematicity and rigor of their prophylactic work . Raquel Roque Rodríguez, director of that organ in our municipality, talked about the subject with Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera, a journalist for Radio Florida.


Luis Javier Espinosa: proud to be Cuban (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 1 – Art instructor Luis Javier Espinosa is one of the young Floridians who joined one of the isolation centers set up in the municipality, as part of the fight against COVID-19. His experiences in this important task are related in the following interview that collaborator Luis Ortiz Chaviano presented to the Radio Florida news program.

Floridian microbiologists: “fear is felt, but we knew it was important” (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 5.- Mayra Acosta Álvarez and Caridad Villalonga, are two of the Microbiologists from the municipality of Florida who from the first moments joined the fight against COVID-19, examining suspected patients who were held in isolation centers . They discuss their experiences in the following report by Mayelín Baryolo Rodríguez, a journalist for Radio Florida