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Miriam Valladares León, the first principal of Florida Municipal University Center (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 25.- When 20 years ago the process of universalizing higher education brought a university headquarters to Florida, the now Master of Science Miriam Valladares León, assumed the direction of that institution that has already accumulated two decades of experience in training of new professionals.

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Poetess participates in the first Ibero-American Congress of Improvised Verse (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 5.- The Floridian poet Elena María Obregón Navarro was selected to participate in the first Ibero-American Congress of the Tenth and Improvised Verse, an event that will be in session until October 7 in the Cuban capital, in salute to the centenary of the poet’s birth Cuban Jesus Orta Ruiz, the Naborí Indian.

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Radio Florida reached first place in the Provincial Festival

Florida, May 24.- Radio Florida Station was the best among its peers in the 33rd edition of the Provincial Festival of this communication medium in Camagüey, one of those who with their work contributed to this result is the journalist Pedro Pablo Sáez Herrera, who won three first prizes in the Reportage and Commentary genres related to the topic of saving the sugar agribusiness and the Patria y Vida chronicle, as well as a mention for an article related to the inviolability of wages.

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Cuba: a country where the full dignity of man comes first (+ Audio + Post)

Florida, Dec 10.- Today’s Cubans, like few others in the world, have the possibility of talking about the enjoyment of Human Rights with the reality of having achieved all possible social justice and with the privilege of living in a country where the Man’s dignity reaches levels unthinkable for millions of men and women in the rest of the planet.

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Evoking my first steps in Popular Power (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 23.- I still remember that morning; and I say the morning and not the day because my childlike protagonism in the day of which I will speak concludes with the Sun in its midst walking through the sky of that time, clear as the destinies of the Homeland.

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First stage of vaccination with Abdala passed without severe adverse reaction (+ Audio)

Florida, June 24.- At the close of the first stage of the health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala to protect risk groups in the direct confrontation with the pandemic, more than 2,900 Floridians already have three doses of the effective one in their bodies anticovid-19 formula.

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More than 2,500 Floridians received first dose of Abdala in Florida

Florida, May 22.- The health intervention with the vaccine candidate Abdala is expanded during this first stage in Florida to, together with health personnel, protect workers from other sectors from COVID-19, also linked to the direct confrontation with the pandemic in this municipality.

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Francisco Sierra Ortega: “Radio Florida is my first and last work center” (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 22.- Francisco Sierra Ortega is an institution of journalism on Radio Florida. At 72 years old, Frank, as his peers know him, remains active and constitutes an inexhaustible source of knowledge for the young people who start their work at the station.

More details through the following work by journalist Ailén Vargas Abella.

Until September 30, first Virtual Event of Educational Robotics

Florida, Sep 28.- The Young Computers and Electronics Clubs invite you to participate in the First Virtual Event of Educational Robotics to be held this Monday, September 28 and until September 30, with the indication that users over 12 years of age Those interested in participating should contact the institutions of the territory. Continue reading

The first thing is the health of the people (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 21.- Along with the actions carried out in the municipality of Florida to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the vector control receives an important boost with the participation of the different organizations and institutions that participate in sanitation work in the various popular councils of the city.

Aldo Prado Barrera, director of the local Agricultural Business, offers details of the participation of the workers of that entity in the Rolando Valdivia Popular Council, in the interview he gave to the journalist Mayelin Baryolo Rodríguez for informational programming on Radio Florida.