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Call in Florida to comply with the milk collection plan for the industry

Florida, Aug 3.- “The battle for the fulfillment of the milk collection plan for the industry is won by linking the main leaders to the base, in the frank and demanding exchange with each producer, under the control of the superior structures of Agriculture and the Municipal Defense Council, accompanied by the highest peasant leadership in the territory. ” Continue reading

Floridian Peasant Awarded with the Antero Regalado Distinction

Florida, Aug 3.- “I am proud to be a country woman and to be able to represent and guide the rest of the farmers of the Romárico Cordero Credit and Service Cooperative, knowing that we work together to fulfill the task of producing food for the people in the midst of the battle to recover the country’s economy. ” Continue reading

Sugarcane machinery repair begins in Florida

Florida, Aug 3.- The repair of the harvest machinery in the Argentine and Ignacio Agramonte producer service units is in its preliminary stage, with the failure of each of the machines used in the previous contest and the projection of the work to be carried out on them for their enlistment with a view to the new sugar campaign. Continue reading

Florida team ready for Cubaila 2020 (+ Audio)

Florida, Aug 1st.- After several days of preparatory work, the audiovisual material that shows the choreography with which the Floridian team will compete in the Cubaila 2020 recreational event is ready, which in the current epidemiological conditions of the country will be carried out only virtually. Continue reading

Florida dairy multiplies its productions and substitutes imports

Florida, Jul 30.- With the pride of being considered the best entity of its kind in the province of Camagüey, the Business Unit of the Dairy Base of the Municipality of Florida duplicates its daily work in search of multiplying productions and thereby increasing the food supply to the population. Continue reading

Planting Protein Plants Will Secure Animal Feed Reserve In Florida

Florida, Jul 29.- The more than 40 agricultural entities of the municipality of Florida are called to fulfill the order to promote just over two caballerias of protein plants that guarantee the reserve of animal food, and the supply of green mass to the mini- industry where creole feed is made. Continue reading

Floridian cigar makers overfulfill productive and economic plans (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 23.- The collective of the Rolando Valdivia Tobacco Factory in the municipality of Florida remains as compliant with its productive and economic plans, despite the impact of COVID-19.
This was explained by Misleydis Ramírez Núñez, director of the entity in an interview with Marisol León Álvarez, for the informative programming of Radio Florida.

91 New Professionals in White Coats Graduate in Florida

Florida, Jul 22.- Camilo Fernández Bravo, Leyda del Carmen Santos Rodríguez and Anisley de la Caridad García, are among the young people who obtained a gold degree at the Medical Sciences graduation held this July 22 in the municipality of Florida. Continue reading

Child Welfare of Working Mothers: Purpose of the Educational Sector in Florida (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 21.- The educational sector of the Florida municipality designed a strategy to provide recreational options to the children of working mothers in the current summer season. On the activities that take place at the Leonor Pérez Cabrera primary school this July, the report proposed by Marisol León Álvarez to the Radio Florida news program provides details.

Florida sugar mills increase their actions in the recovery phase of COVID-19 (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 21.- Workers in the sugar sector of the municipality of Florida redouble their efforts these days in planting sugarcane and also participate in other tasks related to food production. Continue reading