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Caridad de la Torre Sequeira, a prominent Floridian poet.

Florida, March 16.- Caridad de la Torre Sequeira is a Floridian woman, a lover of poetry, a cultivator of Marti’s ideology and with a long history in the movement of amateur artists in the territory.

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More than 9,000 Floridian students return to the classroom.

Florida, March 7.- More than nine thousand students will join the 56 educational institutions of the municipality when the 2021-2022 school year begins on March 7 and 14.

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Floridian doctor from Suriname: I recommend complying with the measures to stop the pandemic (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb. 3.- The battle to save lives against COVID-19 in the Republic of Suriname has been reinforced since March 20 of last year with the efforts of the members of a brigade of the International Contingent of Specialized Doctors in Situations of Disaster and Serious Epidemics “Henry Reeve”.

On the work carried out by Cuban professionals in that South American nation, Dr. Francisco (Paco) Sánchez Martínez offers details, in a conversation via the Internet with journalist Yunier Soler Castellanos for the informative programming of Radio Florida.

Work of a floridian plastic artist in virtual expo “Art without borders”

Florida, Oct 12.- One of the works of the Floridian artist Iván Carbonell, Machuty represents Cuba in a virtual expo “Art without borders” event in which more than 70 painters from numerous nations participate, including India, Algeria, Korea from the South, Egypt, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, Guatemala, Brazil, Russia, Germany and Mexico. Continue reading

Leonor Pérez School: recreational institution in the Floridian summer (Audio)

Florida, Jul 17.- One of the educational centers of the municipality enabled this year with recreational institutions to attend to the children of working mothers during the month of July is the Leonor Pérez primary school, where several activities were designed for the enjoyment of infants. This was confirmed by the Master in Sciences Martha Morgan, director of the center in an interview with Luis Ortiz Chaviano, collaborator of the information services of Radio Florida.

Floridian doctor also awarded by CR7 and Juventus

Florida, Jul 16.- Floridian doctor Adalberto García López is among the Cuban professionals who make up the brigade of the International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics “Henry Reeve” who in the city of Turin received the official shirt of the Italian soccer club Juventus with the signature of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. Continue reading

More than 20 Floridian students will enter the Sports Initiation School

Florida, Jun 15.- When the epidemiological situation allows it and a new course begins at the School of Sports Initiation (EIDE) of the province of Camagüey, 28 new athletes from the municipality of Florida will access this level of training, due to their physical potential and skills in each selected specialty. Continue reading

Floridian youth assumes the commitment to their time (+ Audio)

Florida, Jun 3.- Mobilizing to produce more food is in Florida a permanent call to which hundreds of workers from various sectors who come to the fields to support peasant labor in the current spring planting campaign, action to which new generations join as that strength of the future that is needed. Continue reading

Floridian educators maintain a close bond with their students without violating the distance (+ Audio)

Florida, May 30.- Various strategies have been implemented by educators from the municipality of Florida during this stage in which the country is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to help students and families from their homes. The teacher Isabel Morfa, workers at the Manuel Ascunce Elementary School, gives details of some of these actions in the following report by Marisol León Álvarez, a journalist for this radio station.

Send ANAP address message to Floridian peasantry (+ Audio)

Florida, May 18.- Aliesky López Lugo, president of the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in the municipality of Florida, sent a message to the local peasantry about celebrating the 59th anniversary of the organization that groups them this May 17 . Details in the following report Marisol Álvarez, journalist for Radio Florida.