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Young generations of Floridians celebrate the 169th birthday of José Martí

Florida, Jan 27.- The Union of Young Communists, the Pioneer Organization and the rest of the youth and student organizations of the municipality of Florida, pay tribute to the Cuban National Hero José Martí on the 169th anniversary of his birth, with the performance of activities in the different educational institutions.

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Young Floridians present in economic, political and social tasks (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 23.- For young Floridians, the year 2021 has been a stage of met challenges, a lot of work and commitment to the present and future of the Cuban nation, their participation in each task was vital in the confrontation with the pandemic of the COVID-19, a demonstration that the new generations of Floridians and Cubans can be counted on tomorrow and forever.

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Young Floridians opt for the specialty of Special Education teachers (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 16.- Due to its characteristics, special education is one of the most complicated in the educational system, but it also contains a lot of sensitivity and love for the attention given to students with educational needs.

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Abdala benefits 87 percent of Floridians expected to vaccinate

Florida, July 20.- More than 42,400 Floridians have already received the first dose of the Cuban immunogen Abdala a week after the start of the Covid-19 vaccination program for people over 19 years of age in this municipality.

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In three days, more than 23,300 Floridians vaccinated with Abdala (+ Post)

Florida, Jul 16.- More than 23,300 people in Florida already have the first dose of the Abdala vaccine in their bodies at the end of the third day of the massive health intervention in this municipality to protect the population from COVID-19.

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Young Floridians starring in key tasks to confront COVID-19

Florida, Feb 5.- The Union of Young Communists (UJC) maintains an active participation in the main actions to confront the pandemic that is taking place in the municipality of Florida in the current stage of re-outbreak of COVID-19, as well It was recognized in the recent work session by Heriberto Pérez, who attends the Worker Sphere in the provincial direction of that organization. Continue reading

Floridians support Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez’s words on the impact of the Blockade against Cuba (+ Audio)

Florida, Oct 22.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla presented this Thursday, at a press conference, the Cuban Report on the impact caused by the United States’ blockade policy during the last year. On the impact of his words on Floridians, we bring you the following summary by journalist Marisol León Álvarez.

Young Floridians from the groove pay tribute to Maceo and Che (+ Audio)

Florida, June 15.- The agricultural work carried out by young Floridians this Sunday, June 14, was marked by the tribute to Antonio Maceo on the 175th anniversary of his birth and 92 of Che Guevara, who was also the founder of volunteer work in Cuba. .
With the report the journalist Ailen Vargas Abella for the information system of Radio Florida