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In the Florida Aquaculture unit they greet the Food Worker’s Day

Florida, Jan 26.- The group of Aquaculture Unit of the municipality of Florida, fulfill with the capture plan in the freshwater mirrors and in the Platform corresponding to this month of January, as reported by Alexey Almanza Cervantes, director of the entity, in salute to the Food Industry Worker’s Day that is celebrated every January 25.

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Educational institutions that contribute to the food sovereignty program are recognized in Florida

Florida, Jan 4 – With the intention of encouraging the food sovereignty program in the educational sector of the municipality of Florida, several outstanding educational institutions were recognized during the year 2021, when despite the epidemiological situation they worked to advance in this regard.

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Scientific potential of the research center can contribute to food sovereignty (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 29.- The work of the collective of the Territorial Sugarcane Research Station (ETICA) stands out within the Science sector in the municipality of Florida.

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Yosamy Cakes: First Micro-Enterprise Approved in Florida for Food Production (+ Audio and Photos)

Florida, Nov 9.- The “Yosamy Cakes” candy store is the first private micro-enterprise approved to operate in the municipality of Florida dedicated to food production.

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Minindustria La Reina already produces food for the people

Florida, Aug 5.- The La Reina mini-industry collective, still in the phase of construction completion and assembly of its manufacturing infrastructure, processes on the fly and some of its fruit and vegetable-based products already constitute new offers for the population in the municipality of Florida.

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The Florida Sabino Pupo Polytechnic seeks to guarantee food sovereignty.

Florida, May 3 – Promoting food production and increasing the livestock module is one of the work objectives of the work group of the Sabino Pupo Milián Polytechnic of Florida to advance the food sovereignty program.

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Saturnino Aneiro cooperative maintains stability in the delivery of food to the town

Florida, Mar 23-The Saturnino Aneiro Abella Cooperative of Credits and Services (CCS) of the municipality of Florida remains among the most stable entities in the delivery of food for the people, supported by the fulfillment of their livestock plans and planting of agricultural lines. Continue reading

Felicia Orrelis, a federated who contributes to food production (+ Audio)

Florida, Mar 18.- Felicia Orrelis is a prominent federated member of the rural community of San Antonio, south of the municipality of Florida, who in the most recent edition of the We Are Continuity Community Work Program was stimulated by her contribution to social work and her back yard  food production Continue reading

Florida Farmers Work to Guarantee Food Sovereignty (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 26.- During the past year, Florida farmers advanced in the mission of guaranteeing food sovereignty in this municipality, although much remains to be done to stabilize the supply of food, grains and vegetables to the population. Continue reading

School gardens and farms contribute to food security (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 22.- The school gardens and farms surrounding schools in the municipality of Florida provide fruits, vegetables, condiments and other agricultural products that enrich the diet of students and workers of these institutions and also contribute to the job training of the students learners. Continue reading