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Florida Awarded Good Rating in Urban Agriculture

Florida, Nov 28.- The National Group for Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture gave Florida the qualification of good for the integral work of the organopónicos of the territory, the main objective of the control developed here by the body in charge of promoting popular alternatives in the food production.

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Good start for Floridians in the Provincial Baseball Series (+ Post)

Florida, Oct 24.- The Floridian team started the 44th Camagüey Provincial Baseball Series on the right foot this Saturday, by beating Vertientes twice at Ignacio Agramonte municipal stadium.

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Production and collection of cow’s milk at a good pace in Florida

Florida, Aug 18.- The farmers of the municipality of Florida comply to date with their plans for the production and collection of cow’s milk planned for the current year, even though a group of necessary mechanisms remain to be adjusted to maintain the stimulus among the milkers of the territory.

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At a good pace application of Abdala’s booster dose in the municipality of Florida (+ Post)

Florida, Jan 14.- More than 11,000 Floridians have already received the booster dose of the Cuban Abdala vaccine against COVID-19 in the territory, reported Dr. Nelson del Sol Serrallonga, this Wednesday during the meeting of the Temporary Working Group of the Government in Florida.

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Florida legal professionals celebrate their day with good results (+ Audio)

Florida, June 8.- The lawyers of the Collective Law Firm of the city of Florida celebrate this June 8 the Legal Worker’s Day, committed to defending the Revolution from their trenches and guaranteeing the quality of services despite the epidemiological situation presented by the municipality.

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Our purpose is to fulfill with good quality (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb. 17.- The workers of the Rolando Valdivia Tobacco Factory in the municipality of Florida assume in the present calendar important productive challenges that they aspire to materialize, while continuing to comply with the measures directed by the health institutions with a view to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Continue reading

¨I am satisfied, my messenger has a very good treatment¨ (+ Audio)

Florida, Jul 2.- Ana Torres Cuevas, an elderly Floridian who benefits from the services provided by the Family Care System for vulnerable people and older adults, stated it. On the quality of the food she receives and the help that the young messenger who comes home every day gave her, she gave testimony to the journalist Ailen Vargas Avella of the newsroom of Radio Florida.