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Temporary Government Working Group analyzed local epidemiological situation

Florida, Jan 12.- In the municipality of Florida, the increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues, with a greater presence in the Popular Councils of Argentina and the Urban Center with 40 and 32 respectively, according to the statistics at the close of the day on Monday.

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President of the Local Government recognizes the results of Las Martinas production base (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 30.- Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, Deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power for the municipality of Florida, recognized and congratulated here the group of workers of the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Las Martinas for becoming one of the entities linked to the agro-sugar system of central Argentina with better comprehensive results in 2021.

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Temporary Group of the Provincial Government evaluates the epidemiological situation of the municipality of Florida

Florida, Aug 13.- The top management of the Temporary Group of the Government in the province of Camagüey evaluated this Thursday the complex epidemiological situation and the plan to deal with COVID-19 in Florida, with emphasis on the need to reinforce multisectoral work in prevention and extreme rigor in health care in this municipality, which reports the highest incidence rate of the virus in the entire territory of Agramontino.

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Florida government authorities will extend mobility and service hours

Florida, Aug 3.- The Florida Municipal Government Temporary Group approves the reopening of some commercial areas, as well as the extension from this Monday of the hours of gastronomic services until four in the afternoon and the limitation of the movement of people in the The city is now established after five past meridian, to enhance the supply of food and provide the population with access to these and other goods.

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We have to support this effort made by the State and the Government (+ Audio)

Florida, July 19.- Cosme Damián Fernández is a Floridian adult who lives with a motor disability and received the first dose of the Cuban vaccine Abdala in his own home, as the Doctor and Nurse of the Medical Office # 18 of the Argentine Popular Council, They visited him to supply him with the effective immunogen, a procedure that is included in the protocol of the health intervention that is being developed these days in the municipality of Florida.

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Municipal Government Assembly analyzed implementation of the Housing Policy

Florida, May 25.- The adequate implementation of the Housing Policy, considered as a strategic line of the Cuban Government, was one of the essential issues addressed during the ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power held this Sunday in Florida.

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Florida Farmers Receive Training on New Government Approved Measures (+ Audio)

Florida, May 2.- The new measures adopted by the country in relation to the process of exporting food, goods and services to the state and non-state sector, becomes a significant advance for those companies or people interested in generating monetary income to turn. to the acquisition of the necessary supplies.

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New measures show that the government thinks well in agriculture (+ Audio)

Florida, March 29.- My friends now the words of José Martí come to mind when in one of his articles published in Guatemala when commenting on the actions of the government in that nation, he said: “The country has the firm decision to advance, he is on the right track, he thinks as much about agriculture as he is about politics ”. Continue reading

President of the Government in Florida calls for responsibility in the face of epidemiological situation (+ Audio)

Florida, Feb 26.- Remarks by Deputy Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández, President of the Government in Florida in an interview for Radio Florida about the new measures and the call to the responsibility of the Floridian people in the face of the epidemiological situation that the municipality presents in the face of the pandemic of the Covid-19.

Government working group evaluated local epidemiological situation

Florida, Feb. 6.- The municipality of Florida accumulates at the end of last Thursday a total of 67 medical discharges and eight cases still admitted to hospitals in the province, which represents a recovery of around 95 percent of confirmed patients with Covid -19 from April of last year to date in this territory. Continue reading