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University Center works to guarantee Local Development (+Audio)

Florida, Dec 22.- The training of professionals and the promotion of Local Development are included among the main activities assumed by the labor group of the Municipal University Center of Florida.

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Alberto Cristiá Torres: with almost 51 years of work, educating is his premise (+ Audio)

Florida, Dec 16.- The Florida teacher Alberto Cristiá Torres represents an example for the group of the Manuel Fajardo elementary school where he works, he comments on the profession he chose:

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Future cigar rollers had a familiarization week at the Tobacco Factory

Florida, Dec 8.- The 20 students who are trained in the specialty of skilled worker in Tobacco Rollers at the Sabino Pupo Milian Polytechnic Agricultural Institute (IPA), attended their familiarization stage during the first week of the current school year at the Rolando Valdivia factory, in the city of Florida.

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Little son, a decade of good art made by children and adolescents (+ Audio)

Florida, Sep 19.- Ten years will be held on September 28 by the Little Son Theater Music Project of the municipality of Florida, created by art instructors Mabis Casals and Arturo Nazco Labrada. What was initially a children’s musical group, in 2013 acquired a greater dimension by including theater and dance in its presentations.

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Temporary Government Working Group analyzed local epidemiological situation

Florida, Jan 12.- In the municipality of Florida, the increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues, with a greater presence in the Popular Councils of Argentina and the Urban Center with 40 and 32 respectively, according to the statistics at the close of the day on Monday.

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Florida electronic music group nominated for Cuerda Viva awards (+ Video)

Florida, Oct 18.- Okuba, a Florida electronic music and fusion group, is nominated for the Cuerda Viva awards, a television program that promotes and rewards the country’s young talent every year.

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Government working group evaluated local epidemiological situation

Florida, Feb. 6.- The municipality of Florida accumulates at the end of last Thursday a total of 67 medical discharges and eight cases still admitted to hospitals in the province, which represents a recovery of around 95 percent of confirmed patients with Covid -19 from April of last year to date in this territory. Continue reading

San Jerónimo Operations and Relief Group receives donation of equipment and tools (+ Photos)

Florida, Nov 12 – Members of the Red Cross Relief and Operations Group in the rural community of San Gerónimo, in the municipality of Florida, received a module of equipment with means of protection and tools to strengthen their response capacity and their performance in rescue and rescue work during dangerous situations. Continue reading